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Art and Tammy came over last Friday for dinner. It was a nice meal and we went into the living room to relax afterward. We talked politics, golf, work, then Tammy turned to my wife Denise and said, "So, Denise, you ever fuck a friend's husband?" I was shocked and didn't even know how to respond. Art laughed at that and turned to Terry and said, "So stud, wanna see me fuck your wife?" Without letting me respond he moved over to Denise on the couch and started rubbing her thigh. I have to admit I've thought about her fucking someone else. I got bold and said "Go ahead honey, it's alright." She blushed a bit but opened her legs a little. His hand moved up and started rubbing her cunt through her jeans. He took her hand and put it on his crotch. She started rubbing him through his jeans and I felt myself getting hard. I glanced over at Tammy and she said, "Since they're going at it I think I want to fuck you too." She came over to me and straddled my lap facing me. She kissed me and I responded. Before I knew it Denise was naked and was kneeling over Art sucking his cock.

I couldn't hardly get her to suck my cock so it shocked me a little but got me even harder. "Suck my cock" I said to Tammy. She pulled my pants off and knelt in front of me. She took my entire cock in her mouth. Art's cock looked quite a bit bigger than mine and she seemed to enjoy it. She sucked him for about 10 minutes and he put her on her back on the floor and buried his face in her cunt. Denise never cussed but was now saying, "Oh fuck yeah, lick that fucking pussy." She was lost and didn't realize I was watching her.. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" she said a little too loud. I could tell her orgasm was shaking her entire body and while she was still shuddering Art knelt between her legs and shoved his oversized cock into her. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck" she kept saying as he fucked her like I never could.

Tammy was now sitting on my lap facing away and bouncing up and down on my cock. Then she did the unexpected and took my cock out of her cunt and placed it at her asshole. She plunged down in one motion and it was the tightest thing I'd ever fucked. It only took a couple minutes and I was cumming in her asshole. Then she hopped off of me and turned around. She knelt down and took my cock back in her mouth. I looked over and Art was now straddling Denise' chest and had his cock up to her lips. She never swallows but as he started cumming she had her mouth open taking every shot he aimed at her mouth. She swallowed every fucking drop he gave her. Then she leaned up and took his cock back into her mouth and sucked every drop of cum out of his cock and had him totally clean when he pulled out.

After we rested a while they finally decided it was time to leave. After they had gone we started talking. We discovered she wanted to open up our sex life and she would be willing to suck me and swallow if that's what I wanted. She even suggested I fuck her in the ass. She said that Art had a finger in her ass as he was licking her to orgasm. It was a real awakening for us and we've never been happier.