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I was pissed at my wife and said I was going for a drink. I headed to the bar and ordered a beer. After about five more a good looking woman came over and set on the stool next to me. We chatted a while, then she said "Hey, want your cock sucked?" I was a bit drunk but horny so I told her sure. She said she had a RV in the parking lot an we could go there. I staggered as I followed her out the door and over to the RV. As we stepped into the RV I saw a man sitting on the couch. My head was reeling. "Come here" he said. I walked over to him and he unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I only remember that someone was touching my cock and I let him. He took my cock into his mouth and started sucking me. She was behind me with her arms around me playing with my nipples. I loved that and just stood there as he sucked me.

It must have been about 15 minutes and I said I was about to cum. He pushed my cock as deep as it would go into his mouth and when I started cumming he swallowed every drop. He kept my cock in his mouth until he had cleaned every drop out and off of me. Then he told me to kneel down and suck him. I was pretty pliable at this time. Just before I knelt down I felt her undo my pants and pull them down to my ankles. She pushed me down and told me to suck him. I had never sucked a cock before but was kind of excited to do it. I knelt down and bent over him. I took his cock into my mouth and marveled at how soft the skin was. He had a big cock, much bigger than mine and said he wanted to fuck my mouth like a little cunt. I wasn't offended, but felt kind of impressed that he wanted to fuck my mouth.

I started sucking him for all I was worth when I felt a hand on my add. The woman behind me was feeling my ass cheeks and then moved to my asshole. She circled my hole then pushed a finger in. It felt great and I told her so. My cock as hard now from her playing with my asshole and me sucking his cock.. Being so drunk I was pliable and when he told me to turn around and kneel on all fours I did. I felt him feeling my ass cheeks and rubbing his fingers around my asshole. Then he scooted forward and shoved his cock in my ass. I relaxed and he pushed past my pucker hole and began to fuck me. I was totally into it, and as drunk as I was I couldn't stop him. When he started to cum I felt his it ooze out of my ass and down onto my nuts.

I kept saying "Oh fuck" over and over and didn't want him to stop. He finally pulled his cock out of my ass and I fell to the floor in exhaustion. She turned me over and bent down and took my cock in her mouth. she sucked me until I was ready to cum. She took her mouth off of my cock and I came all over my belly. She scooped up my cum and fed it to me. I licked her fingers clean until there was no more cum. For the first time I got fucked and suck a cock to completion. That was the start and now every Friday night I go looking for strange cock or pussy to fuck. I've gotten really good at sucking cock and now look for bigger and bigger cocks to drain. I'm a real cum slut.