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Jim and I work in the same office. I often catch him staring at my tits and I flirt with him making him blush. We were talking the other day about all the sexual harassment stuff going on and he said it was a bunch of bullshit. I reminded him that it had to be unwanted to be harassment. Then he came up behind me and said, "Would it be unwanted if I rubbed your shoulders and neck?" I said it wouldn't be unwanted. He started to rub my neck, relaxing me. Then he leaned down and asked if he could kiss my neck. I said that would be alright.

After he nibbled on my neck for a minute he walked over and locked the door leaving only us two in the office. He walked back over to me and from behind me reached over my shoulders and cupped my breasts. I put my head back and he put his hands inside my blouse and found my bare skin. He put his hands inside my bra and played with my nipples. I felt myself start to get wet. Then in a surprise move he swung my chair around and said he needed me to suck his cock. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was large, much larger than my husband's cock. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. In a few seconds he was hard and said, "That's it bitch, suck that cock like a good little whore." I loved that kind of talk. I took him as deep in my mouth as I could and he started to mouth fuck me. I clamped my lips as tight as I could around the shaft and he pumped faster and faster until he was cumming. I usually don't swallow my husband's cum but I was kind of into it.

I sucked him until he started to go soft, then sucked him some more until he had no more cum to give me. He tucked himself back into his pants, walked over and unlocked the door. He went back to his desk and acted like nothing happened. That was the first of many encounters I had with his cock and we have fucked at least three dozen times since that first day. Fuck I love my job.