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54-year old guy married for 30 years. I’ve masturbated to porn for as long as I can remember. When I was in my early twenties and still a virgin I moved from my small home town to a bigger town. I found there were two adult movie arcades with movie booths that had 7channels I was in porn heaven. I began to go to both arcades quite regularly to masturbate to porn in the booths. There were always other patrons in the arcades when I went, at first was naïve to edicts of what extracurricular activities occurred in the arcades. I always felt I was being watched when I went in and didn’t want it to be found out that I was masturbating in the booths. Two of the 7 channels in booths showed gay porn. To me at the time gay porn was taboo and I would quickly flip past these channels. I was unfoundedly concerned anyone of the patrons outside of the booth would know I had switched to one these two gay channels and think I was watching it. After a while I began to be less aroused by the regular straight porn channels and would have to switch from channel to channel to get aroused. Of course, this meant flipping past the gay porn channel and found myself sometimes hesitating on the channels when there was gay oral sex showing and realize I was becoming aroused when watching a guy sucking cock. After a year or so I notice there were holes showing up in some of the booths. One time as I was masturbating to gay porn a finger popped through one of the holes which freaked me out because I had felt I had been caught and everyone in the arcade would know I masturbated to gay porn. I left as quickly as I could.

When I met my wife, I stopped going to the arcades for a couple of years. Then we got our first computer and connected to the internet and I found some porn on the internet which reawakened my appetite for porn. I started detouring to the arcades to get my porn fix. Both places had been remodeled and now had new booths and video screens with a lot more channels and variety. One of my visits I went to enter a booth there was a guy was already in there and was masturbating, He didn’t at all seem embarrassed but instead turned toward me motioned me to come closer. I quickly turned and went into the next booth. I heard the door to that booth open and latch, I heard obvious sounds that there was two in the booth. There was slurping, moaning and sounds of sexual pleasure in the booth. This time in my life I wasn’t so naïve as to some of the arcade edicts. I would see that the doors to some of the booths not latched and guys would enter these unlatched booths with other patrons. More and more I became aware of sexual encounters in the arcades and began to find my self being aroused. I would hear knocking as a signal between the booths then doors opening and then moans.

I began to watch more and more gay porn and fantasize about getting a blow job from a man. At times I would realize the knocking was between my booth and the next. I wouldn’t signal back my inhibitions kept from it; after all it was a taboo and I was straight. One day on an impulse I returned the signal and within seconds after knocking back the door to my booth began to rattle. After my first reaction of asking myself what I had done now, I overcame my inhibition and opened the door. In stepped in a rugged looking ginger he was smaller in stature than me. He quickly to off his shirt and I completely unknowing what I had initiated just followed his lead and took mine off also. He rubbed my chest and said bud you have a nice hairy chest. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and started stroking I unzipped and pulled my cock out unlike him I was fully aroused he grabbed my cock he started stroking me and said nice cock it looks like your ready to play. I started stroking him also he leaned in a kissed me shoving his tongue into my mouth I had never been kissed by a guy it was hot. He began to rub my ass and he told me you have nice ass nice hairy ass. I was getting totally turned on by this guy at this point of the encounter. I knelt and started sucking his cock I was not sure if I was doing it right I stopped, and he stood me up and he knelt and began to blow me. He was a great cocksucker and I was as aroused as I had ever been. I felt I was about to blow my load in his mouth and felt I needed to warn him, I said maybe we should stop.If he were to pleasure me and I were to cum in his mouth wouldn’t it make me gay, I couldn’t be gay I have a wife I’m married. This request seemed to give him more resolve he took my shaft all the way balls deep. His hands rubbing my hips and ass, he began to finger my asshole. I moaned with pleasure and kept getting closer and closer to cumming. This was the best blowjob I had ever gotten. In between my moans I told him again we should stop that I was going to cum. the blowjob just continued to get better. I couldn’t stand it anymore I arched back felt my cock pumping cum into this man’s mouth. When I finished cumming he pulled off my cock and spit out my load he wiped his mouth. He jacked off until he came, then dress tapped my ass a couple of times and said thanks bud and left me dazed in the booth.