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I was out of town on business staying at a nice hotel. I was a bit drunk and was horny. I jumped on-line and decided to try my luck. I'd never fucked another woman but I have sucked another man's cock once. There were no women interested but plenty of men. I answered an ad from a guy and we made arrangements. He arrived about a half hour later.

As soon as I closed the door he had his pants and shirt off. He had no underwear and his cock was about as small as mine. "I hope you can suck for at least half an hour" he said. Then he said "I know it's pretty small now but it gets fucking huge." I was skeptical but as he laid on the bed and I started to suck him he started to grow. Soft he was only about two inches long but as he grew he outdistanced mine by at least two inches. His head was a little bigger than mine but the base was as thick as I'd ever seen. He also had huge nuts and said he cums buckets. It was at least a half hour of sucking and my jaw was starting to hurt. I was still pretty buzzed and when he finally came it filled my mouth to overflowing. I swallowed some and spit some out. He wasn't wrong. He had more cum than I thought was possible. He could have been an 80s porn star with his cock.

I finally took my mouth off of his cock and thought we were done. He had another surprise though. He told me to lay down. I thought he was going to suck my cock. Instead he pulled me to the end of the bed and lifted my ass up a little. Then he put his slippery cock up to my asshole and pushed in. I'd never been fucked before and expected it to hurt. Instead, It felt great. I told him to fuck me like a whore. He started slow then really got into it. I was surprised he was still hard but he fucked me with that rock hard pole for another 20 minutes When he said he was gonna cum I decided to see what it was like to have someone cum in my ass so I wrapped my legs around him and told him to fill me up. It wasn't as much cum as before but I felt enough inside me to know I had been fucked.

What a fucking stud. He finally started to go soft and pulled his cock out. He told me he wanted to see me jerk off. I did and was excited to have another man watch me masturbate. I told him to finger fuck me. He had three fingers in my ass when I finally came. It was a hard cum and I actually hit my face with the first squirt. It was the first time I tasted my own cum. Now I've hat three new experiences - I gave a blowjob and swallowed, I got fucked in the ass for real and I tasted my own cum. Now I can't wait to go on another trip.