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My girlfriend and I had been together for about two years. We often use Friday nights to get a bit drunk and get kind of kinky. One night she decided to tie me up. I let her and was totally shocked when she put me on my belly and used a strap on to fuck me. It hurt at first but we used plenty of lube and it wasn't long and it started to feel good. Then she rolled me over and shoved her strap-on back in my ass. As she gently fucked me she started pulling on my nipples. It got me so turned on that I came without even being touched. She started laughing and the jerking motion from her laughter almost made me cum again. That was one night of many with her in my ass.

Last Friday night she said she wanted to tie me up again but this time with a blindfold. I thought this would be pretty exciting. My arms were behind me and I was lying on my back with my head off the end. She put her strap-on up to my lips and told me to suck it. I started sucking it and my cock started to grow. She started playing with my nipples and it wasn't long until I was rock hard with my massive five inch cock. She took her cock out of my mouth and said she needed to wait until my cock had shrunk. She left the room while I relaxed.

About five minutes later I heard the door open. I was in anticipation again and felt something at my lips. It smelled different and when I opened my mouth I felt a real cock. I started to protest and said "I'm not gay." Then I heard a man say "Neither was I until I got head from another man." I couldn't do much about it as he started to fuck my mouth. It was warm and soft, definitely better than a rubber cock. Then I felt her crawl on the bed, lift my legs and put her strap-on up to my asshole. She slowly pushed in and was soon in a rhythm with him. He fucked my mouth and she fucked my ass for the next 20 minutes. Then she grabbed my nipples and pulled. He grunted and yelled "I'm cumming!" He filled my mouth to the point of gagging and I swallowed as much as I could. He kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked all the cum out of him. It shocked me but at the same time it put me over the edge and I started cumming too.

He was finally getting soft and pulled his cock out of my mouth. Before she would take my blindfold off he was gone. She never told me who he was but it opened me up to a whole new kink. When she asked me if I liked it I had to admit it was one of the most exciting things I'd done. It's only been a week but she is already lining up different men to come over and mouth fuck me blindfolded.