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I'm 56 years old and one luck man.

When my daughter was 16 my wife left me. She headed off overseas for work and travel. Things with my daughter were great. We got and still get along really well. She always spent time with me. When she was 19 one weekend away we both got drunk and without really planning it, we spent a night together. I have always loved young and small girls, so it wasn't really a shock to me in my drunken state that i fucked her several times during the night.

We both agreed to never speak about it and we went on. She confirmed almost 8 weeks later that she was pregnant. Well, while i don't care and suggested she get an abortion and we never tell anyone, she doesn't agree with abortions. So this lead to her having my baby, another daughter. I joked in private with her about her daughter being her sister and my grand daughter, but it was kept quiet and no ones knows even now.

During the school holidays my now 35 year old daughter had to work a lot and we agreed that my grand daughter (daughter) of 16 would come stay for 2 weeks. This would allow her to catch up with some friends from before she moved and be near the beach.

Well, having a beautiful 16 year old playing around in her bikini's and short dresses and skirts, my old ways of thinking about young girls came back to me. I only took me 3 days, a lot of sweet talking and flirting and a few small lies to get it done. She complained about feeling ill and her tummy cramps. She told me she was ovulating and it would pass. Once i had her believing i had a vasectomy and that having sex would help it pass and it was our secret, i got her over the line. I spent the remaining 8 days i had with her fucking her up to 4 times a day. I blew everything i had into her everyday and she never asked about protection or my vasectomy again.

Of course i lied. I never had any vasectomy and now, 8 weeks later she knows it. She called yesterday and told me she doesn't know how, but she is pregnant with my baby. I almost blew in my shorts from excitement. Just knowing my daughter's daughter and my daughter (grand daughter) is now pregnant with another baby is amazing. I calmed her down and agreed to help her with an abortion, but i'm going to do my best to talk (lie) to her and get her to keep it. If that doesn't work i only have to delay everything until the 16 weeks passes and then they will refuse due to abortion laws have passed time.

What i haven't told either of them, is that when she was staying with me, she had her cousin come over 4 times. My sons daughter is 15 and also very cute. She caught me with a hard on looking at my daughter and confronted me. After i explained i was already having sexual relation with her she got curious. I explained the vasectomy to her as well and told her the same as i told my daughter. Only a couple of days before Christmas she came over and agreed to let me help her too. I fucked her as well, including on my room on Christmas day while the rest of the family was in the lounge having fun. She called me late last week to tell me her period is late. She asked if that was ok, cause she didn't want to be pregnant. I told her to wait as sometimes girls have late periods after sex.

She is such a little blonde and she said she'll see if the next one is late. By the time it sinks in she will at least 8 weeks as well. I'm going to try and make then both have to keep them even if they don't want to. I really want another daughter if possible and just knowing they would possibly be great grand daughters is really exciting.