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I have considered myself to be a straight man for the fifty plus years of my life. Recently, while perusing porn, I came across a very sexy redhead-which I have a strong attraction to. There were a series of pictures of "her" in stages of undress revealing very nice, natural looking breasts. To my shock and surprise, when the panties came off "she" had a very impressive cock.

I must admit, I kept on stroking myself as I imagined what it would be like to be making out with some sexy redhead-groping her breasts, fondling her nipples, then slipping my hand down between "her" legs, only to be greeted by an erect penis?! Would I instinctively withdraw my hand, or would I proceed to start pumping "her" cock while simultaneously fondling and sucking "her" tits?

In reality, I don't think I would want to have anal sex with what, in reality, is a man, but think I would be willing to do a mutual suck-off with a good looking chick with dick.