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Always had an attraction to latex, as long as I can remember! Couldn't afford the professionally made stuff, at age 18, and found some rubber-lined laundry bags, at the Army Surplus store, which were in those days large enough to go over shoulders. Stapled, glued and duct-taped three of them together, ditto with a sleeping-bag zipper, and had a bag I could zip myself into, and engage in lengthy spells of 'self-abuse'. Not very attractive to girls at that age, most of my activities were of the solo nature. Sleazy over-weight landlord, had an equally sleazy overweight daughter, who used to use a pass-key to come into my apartment when I was at work, and snoop about. Anyway, she found the bag, and came to my door one Friday evening, said she'd been checking on a possible gas-leak, and demanded to know more about the bag. Embarrassed, I tried to avoid discussion, but she was determined, and I was young and horny enough to be unable to resist the temptation to talk about it! So I showed it to her, and she asked slyly "Wanna let me tie you up in there?" I was easily persuaded, and quickly I was utterly helpless in the bag, tied at the neck,. waist and knees. The zipper ran all the way up the back, and the tag was above the rope at my neck, and totally unreachable. There was another small air-tight nylon zipper I had glued in place, right over my mouth, and two tiny air-holes over my nostrils. One more similar zipper lay right at my crotch, and I was quickly making a pyramid under it, with the excitement of an actual girl having done this to me! Even this one, whom I found quite unattractive, normally. So, she proceeded to zip me into silence at the top, with survival-level air only, not enough for the luxury of speech, and unzip me lower down, allowing my goodies to burst out into full exposure. She tightened the zipper round the roots, and then proceeded to slap my balls, painfully, back and forward, for ages! Strangely this just seemed to add to my arousal! Then she said coolly "Don't go anywhere" and left the apartment! When she returned, her father was with her! "You're in real trouble, shit-for-brains!" he said, with undisguised glee. "Guess you didn't know my daughter was only fifteen, when you exposed yourself to her! I oughta call the cops!" Now he had my full attention! Unable to speak, I made a kind of despairing "mmmmmmmfffff!" sound, which amused the pair of them greatly. He went on "However, Amber and me, well we're not as mean as that...genuine mistake - she does look older....anyway....if you just play along with us, it'll be just our secret! If not, well, the cops are just a phone call away! Do we have a deal?" I nodded frantically, making positive sounds. "Good! Hey, you'll love it anyway! See, I found an ad where a small research lab locally, is looking to buy what we know as 'pre-cum' - you know the goop that drips off you, when you get REAL horny? Well, we're going to gather as much of that as we can, from you, and refrigerate it, sell it to this lab, for pretty good money, really! So you don't get prosecuted for shit like statutory rape, and you get as much uh, attention as any horny young fucker like you could ever want! Soon as you get in from work, it's into the bag, and let the delightful torture begin!" So saying, one of them began to fondle me - her, I think - and of course, I was lubricating like crazy, and apparently they were catching the drips in a glass vial! Actually, it felt so good, that I pushed concerns to the background, and luxuriated in the incredible arousal! Trouble was, they weren't about to let me come, and spoil their little money-making scheme, and I got more and more frantic, which increased their 'harvest'....then Dad decided he needed some relief, and suddenly he was kneeling over me on the bed, and his massive cock was in my mouth, through the now-open zipper! Helplessly, I let myself be face-fucked, endlessly, while the collection went on at the other end! And so the entire weekend passed, with some occasional hydration, and an hour or two's rest, and by Monday morning, I was thoroughly addicted to this process, especially when I was made to come, before my release, and it was so intense, I thought I was going to pass out! Work passed in a daze of conditioned reflex, really, and at 5.00 I went back to the apartment, dreading what was to recur, but anxious for it at the same time! This was my life, for the next year, then I was forced to marry her! Now another year later, things are exactly the same, only it's legal now! Now, nothing would make me give up this lifestyle, not that I think I'll ever be allowed to, anyway!