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When I was a young single man in the service I was stationed overseas. Me and my buddies went to the lake nearly every weekend. One week it was just Terry and me. We rented a cheap boat and went out onto the lake. We were just lounging on the lake and drinking. I had a few too many and knelt over the side to take a piss. I noticed he was staring at my cock. Then he said, "I never noticed how nice your dick is." I sort of laughed it off and sat back down. I looked over and he was rubbing his cock through his trunks. I couldn't stop staring as his cock started to outline in his trunks and I noticed my own cock started to grow a little. He moved over to me and put his hand on my thigh. He rubbed up my leg and put his hand into my shorts. I looked around and there was nobody in sight. When he told me to take my shorts off I didn't argue. I pulled them down and over my feet. I was sitting there naked with half a hard-on and he bent over and took it into his mouth.

I'd never had a blowjob from a guy but his mouth wrapped around my cock and took it all into his mouth. About three minutes later I was cumming. He swallowed it all and it was the best blowjob I'd ever had. He then took off his trunks and I saw his hard cock for the first time. I was mesmerized by the size of it. I was drunk enough to not give a fuck so I bent over and put my mouth on his cock. It was like I was made for it. There was a bit of room on the boat and he laid down on his back. He raised his legs up and said to lick his asshole. I thought this was pretty gross but after a few seconds I decided to try it. I buried my face in his ass and stuck my tongue out. This was the day I discovered rimming. I rimmed him and sucked him until he filled my mouth with his jizz.

When I got out of the service and finally got married I decided to try rimming my new wife. After eating her pussy for a bit I slipped down to her asshole. She shrieked and said she never wanted me to lick her ass again. It pissed me off enough that after a year of marriage I had the opportunity to rim another guy. I discovered that other men are much better lovers than women. They suck cock at a moment's notice, they love to rim and be rimmed and I discovered how good it felt to have a cock in my ass. I've been married for 20 years now and don't get much sex at home, but I sure do love a night out with other men.