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In Chicago, in 1997 I was working nights and living with a girlfriend in a big apt. building , it was a hot June morning and was trying to get the laundry done early, before it got very hot. I talked with a neighbor, Ed, an older married guy from one floor up. I finished my laundry before he did and was heading out, but at the last minute decided to say, " We should finish this conversation, maybe when your dryer is done you can bring your basket up and Ill come over and help you with your load." A few minutes later he was letting me into his apt. and telling me that the basket was on the bed. I walked into the bedroom and put the basket on the floor and said," Sorry, I hope you don't mind, but I do my best work on my knees." Ed asked if I needed anything while I was down there and I said as innocently as possible," Anything?", Ed just put his hands on his hips and said," Help yourself to anything you want." I pulled down his gym shorts and gasped at his 10" very thick cock, just limply hanging there. My eyes must gave bulged out, I eagerly sucked that massive cock into my mouth and felt it start to get hard as I sucked the head and swirled my tongue all around his uncut cock. I loved it when he gently grabbed my head and slowly fucked my mouth. he dumped a huge load into my mouth and I swallowed every drop and then kept sucking every last bit out of that cock. We talked for about 10 minutes and he stood and held that cock in his left hand and held put his right hand on the top of my head. i happily sucked him again.

This was the start of many cocksucking sessions that summer. I learned to deep throat that monster cock . I gagged many times but he was so patient and never forced things. I will always remember when I finally relaxed my throat enough for that cock to slide into my throat, Ed moaned out loud. Even though I only lasted a couple of seconds before I gagged and forced it out, we immediately tried again and this time i succeeded in deep throating a cock. he fucked my throat so gently and he came deep down my throat, his balls were pressed against my chin. eventually, I would lay on my back on the bed with my head dangling upside down and Ed would stand and fuck my throat as i held his ass cheeks and puled him i hard sometimes. it was a glorious summer.

Ed invited hos friend jack over one morning, and as sooon as I walked in, Jack said that ed claimed i was a good cocksucker. i smiled and thanked ed for the compliment, but told Jack that he shouldn't just take Ed's word for it. Jack unzipped his fly and i was kneeling in front of him instantly. I sucked that 8" cock and he moaned when i easily deepthroated him. He grabbed my head and roughly fucked my throat, it was awesome. I swallowed every bit of his cum and then eagerly turned to work on Ed's cock. I sucked them both off twice that morning and could have sucked their cocks all day, but I had to leave. I had two awesome cocks to suck for months and months. Sometimes i would suck them all morning and sometimes i would meet them separately. It was fantastic.