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mom left dad wit I was 14 and I wanted my daddy to teach me about sex. But always said not now so I sat out to seduce my daddy so he would teach me. I would sit on his lap and wiggle so his cock would grow hard under my but it always felt good. But it was never enough so I decided the white t-shirt and panties might do it but all it did was allow him to see me in a lot less. I did this for a while and then just before I turned eighteen I said he will want me .

I decided to walk around in t-shirt no bra and no panties and sit next to him on the couch and see if he would notice me and he finally notice his baby girl. I would sit next to him on the couch and once he looked down and saw I was not wearing panties he would Rubb my hairless pussy and stick his finger in it and he took me to his room and said Brenda you are about to become a woman. I said thank's Daddy I've wanted this for a long.long time he laid me down and I spread my legs to allow him to get to my pussy and he licked it until I could not stand it anymore.. It felt so good but then he said little girl this is going to hurt a little so he put his cock head at the front of my vagina and slipped it in a little and I could feel the pressure of him opening me up but I didn't say anything and he slipped in a little further and soon he was all the way in to his nuts he would slide in and out in and out in and out until he sstated to trimble and he shot a big load of cum inside my vagina and it felt good. I said daddy can we do it again and he said latter baby I have to recover he said I was good tho.

Later that evening I walked around in my t-shirt and no panties and after sitting in front of daddy he said I want to finger you come over here so I did as he asked. He fingered me for about an hour or so then picked me up and toted me to his bedroom and said you might as well get used to this room because it is mine and yours from now on Brenda I love you. I looked at him and said I love you Daddy. Daddy you are such a great lover why can we get married and he said the law want let us.