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My wife and I talk about everything, so when she sucked my cock that night I mentioned I'd like to see what it would be like to suck a cock. She was supportive and said that if I was serious she would set it up. When I said okay she sucked me like never before. She loved swallowing my cum so when the night came I was a little nervous.

It was a Friday night when she said it was the night for me to suck my first cock. She had been prepping me with rubber cocks so I knew pretty much how to suck. It was a guy she worked with. He was about my height and skinny. We all shared a bottle of wine then she said it was time for me so start sucking. She had me crawl over to him on the couch and unzip his pants. She was in control. She had me pull his pants and shorts down to his ankles and look at his cock. As I stared at it I noticed it twitch, then again. After a minute or so I could see a sizeable difference and she said it was time for me to suck him. I bent forward and put my mouth over the head of his cock. I found it soft even as he started to get hard. As I sucked him I could tell he was larger than my five inches and a bit thicker. I loved it. I got him hard in a matter of minutes and noticed my own cock was now hard too. Then as he started to tense up she said I had to swallow every fucking drop. When he came it filled my mouth and I managed to swallow it all. Again I loved it. I loved the texture and the taste.

After I had sucked him dry she told me to keep sucking. I did and it took about 15 minutes but he was hard again. I felt her behind me rubbing some lube on and in my asshole. Then she said he was going to fuck me. I wasn't sure about it at first but decided to let he have her way. He got behind me and played with my asshole a bit with his cock then in one thrust he was inside me. Fuck that felt good and I said as much. I kept telling him to fuck me deeper and soon his nuts were slapping against me as he thrust into me. "Oh, fuck!" I kept saying as he fucked me. After another 20 minutes he said he was cumming. She told him to breed me so he started cumming with his cock in my asshole. I felt the warmth of his jizz as he filled me up.

He finally pulled me out and left. She was so horny she didn't hesitate but sucked me hard then mounted me. I gave her the biggest load I ever had and we both discovered how much the bi-sexual lifestyle could be. We've been at it ever since and both of us get as much cock as we can get.