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Two years ago my dad died in an auto accident coming back from a fishing trip with his buddies. Obviously 4 guys drinking and being distracted was a recipe for disaster.

When i was 17 years old my mom was concerned that without a male role model in my life that I needed some guidance in matters of the birds and the bees. She was a little uncomfortable about bringing up the topic in conversation, but she was determined that she could handle it. One night at the dinner table she told me that we had to have a serious talk about my relationship with my girl friend. She wanted to know if we were having sex and did i always have a condom available . I was a little nervous at first but as the conversation advanced I really felt that mom was not being judgmental and that she wanted to be helpful. She told me that she knew that i masturbated a lot and that i was leaving semen stains on my sheets. She told me that she was going t give me a box of tissues and a waste basket just to keep the sheets clean. I was surprised when mom said that she masturbated as well and that she thought it was about time that she started dating again as she had sexual needs that were not being fulfilled.

A few weeks later she told me that she was going on a date and she hoped that I would not look on it as a betrayal of dad. i had no problem and told her so. When she returned from the date she seemed rather down. She told me that the guy talked all night about himself and she found him an absolute bore.

The following night mom was still down. She asked me if it was possible that she might not be attractive enough to attract a nice guy. i have no idea why she might think that as mom was a cyclist, a yoga instructor and spent 3 days a week at the gym. She was 39 years old and told me that she weighed the same now as he did when she graduated from high school. Mom was gorgeous and had the body of model from Victoria's Secret.

I complimented mom and tried to make her feel confident of her beauty. I don't know what made me say it but I blurted out that if I was a guy dating her that I would really be turned on by her.

Mom got a big smile on her face and thanked me for making her feel good. For the rest of the evening she was really up beat and happy.

After we both took our showers and went to bed, we both followed our usual routines of reading a little before going to sleep. About 15 minutes after crawling into bed there was a knock on my door and mom asked if she could come in. Mom said that she really loved the fact that we had good channels of communication open between us and she wanted to know if I would come into her room and get in bed with her so we could talk about things we had in common. We talked for a while and mom said that she wanted to cuddle with me like we used to when I was little. She put her arms around me and pulled me close and cradled my head in the crook of her neck. I had always admired how sexy my mom was and have to admit that I had had some thoughts about sex with her. As we cuddled I started to get an erection. When mom slid over to get closer to me my cock was pushing against her thigh. I could feel mom starting to tense up and she started to breath faster. I could also feel the increase in her body heat. Mom then started moving her hips and before we knew it she was dry humping my cock.

I was kind of surprised at first and didn't know how I should react. After about a minute of mom humping my cock mom stopped and sat up in the bed. She started to cry and told me that she was ashamed of her self and could I please forgive her. By now I was pretty turned on and told mom that it was okay and she had nothing to be sorry for. I then pulled her back down on the bed and started humping her. It was only a matter of minutes before we both stripped off our bed clothes and were locked in passionate kissing. Mom was so sexually charged that she took complete control of the situation. It was very obvious that mom was into oral sex and nothing was held back. I loved licking moms pussy and when she final orgasmed it was like her head was going to explode. She screamed out, 'I'm cum'n, I'm cum'n, I'm cum'n." Please fuck mommy, put your cock in me, right now.

I climbed on top of mom and buried my cock in her juicy lubricated cunt and began pumping my cock in and out of her. Mom begged me to cum in her and I didn't disappoint her. I exploded in the most intense orgasm that I had ever had.

We spent the night licking, sucking and fucking to the point that we both felt drained of all our bodily fluids.

The next morning we got up, showered and sat down for breakfast. Mom told me that i reminded her of my father and that our night of passion was the most beautiful experience of her life. It was for me as well and for the past year we have been having one massive orgy with each other. Mom is incredible and nothing is off limits. Mom loves it when I lick her ass while I'm also licking her pussy. Our love making is so intense that i have broken up with my girl friend. My girlfriend is a good Catholic girl who goes to confession every weekend and although we did some heavy petting, we never actually did anything more.

Mom and I can't get enough of each other and there isn't anything that we haven't tried or done to each other.

What does the future hold for us. I don't know, but for now we are letting it all hang out.