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When I was eighteen, fresh from orphanage/foster care, in my first job, with my first cheap and nasty apartment, being slightly built, with glasses, I was not popular with girls, and awkward around them. I was also terminally horny, and unable to do much about it! In the unit next to mine, was a much older man, very fat, totally bald, with a pushy air about him. Used to say when he met me in the corridor "Hey kid, want me to tie you and wank you to death?" I was embarrassed, and hurried on by, as he laughed. But as my needs grew, and my opportunities withered, I was driven to reply to him, one Friday evening "Yeah, if you think you can! Let's do it!" and I followed him to his apartment. He seemed surprised, but pleased, and made all "nice" - gave me a couple of beers, then got all business-like. He ordered me out of my clothes, and I obeyed, half scared, half excited. Then he produced a bundle, which turned out to be a military style poncho, which he quickly threw over me, and tied round the waist and with the drawstrings of the built-in hood, which we would round my neck, and tied there. The hood had scrunched down tight on my head, and there was now only a small opening right over my mouth, about an inch maybe. I found I was loosely helpless, quite comfortable, but utterly unable to escape! Then his chubby fingers began to play with me, slapping my balls, and squeezing and tugging them, quite hard, quite painfully! To my surprise I quickly became massively erect, and he chuckled evilly, as he transferred his attentions to that! It quickly became almost unbearable, with the lovely ache that engulfed me, to the exclusion of everything else! As his fingers slid up and down my shaft, with a gossamer touch, I became convinced real quick, that somehow I HAD to get more of this! MUCH more, hopefully. I knew with increasing certainty that I would do ANYTHING, pay ANY price, for a LOT of this! Turned out there was a price to pay, unsurprisingly, and soon the small opening in the hood was filled with hot hard flesh, along with my mouth! I didn't like it at first, but rearranged on the bed, with him kneeling on either side of my head, thrusting in an out of my mouth, slowly, intensely, while he got on with the promised wanking, endlessly, always stopping just when I thought I was going to come, it dawned on me that it was a small price to pay, and I concentrated on doing it just the way he wanted, tirelessly. When he hit the back of my throat, I swallowed by reflex. This went on, over and over, all weekend, with brief periods of rest, hydration, and toilet breaks. Much much later, I knew that this was what I wanted more than anything in my life, and made up my mind, to seek it out, every possible way, and every possible place! He called up a couple of friends, at one stage, probably Sunday, and my mouth was full, 24/7 after that. It was a holiday weekend, too, and Monday passed in a blur of sweat, cum, and more cum, entering me at one end, as it left me at the other, both utterly delightful in the process! They tickled my asshole mercilessly too, which was intense enough to make my legs buckle, causing me to sag into an undignified squat of total surrender, after which the endless fingering caused me to defecate helplessly, endlessly, messily, to their great amusement! They untied the hood long enough to coat it with my feces, then retie it again, tighter than ever! I thought I was going to throw up, but I didn't, and the incessant torment of my frantically aroused goodies soon distracted me! I felt like I swallowed about a quart of cum over the weekend, and I also felt like I wanted even more! Finally, they eased their hard cocks up my ass, ever so gently, and I ended up sitting on a lap, my thighs wide apart over the padded arms of the chair, being gently but endlessly wanked from behind, while my mouth was full of demanding, thrusting spurting flesh, one after the other! So that was my holiday weekend, my introduction to kinky sex, and my initiation into the world of total submission! Twenty years later, things have become even more intense, and my first "mentor" still rules my life, 24/7/365!