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Teaghan has the hottest body. With those pert full tits and her perfect ass in her tights that leave nothing to the imagination.

That New Year’s Eve we spent down the beach was amazing. I can’t believe I got up the courage to tell you how hot your ass looked. I followed you up the street just watching that perfect ass as you walked.

When I put my hands on your hips and rubbed my cock on your ass I can’t believe you said nothing. You stood there and let me. Fuck it was hot.

I loved when we got back to the house while your husband watched I slid up behind you unzipped your top to reveal your sexy body. You stood there and let me.

if we hadn’t been so drunk I would have run my hands all over you hot body. Feeling from those amazing tits right down to that sweet pussy. And bent you over and fucked your pussy while your husband watched.

I have no doubt you would have just let me do whatever I wanted.

Teaghan you are my biggest fuck fantasy.

I cum buckets when ever I think of you.