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It all started when i was 12 years old and in the 7th grade. My best friend in my class was a kid called Donn, a big, square-shouldered 14-year-old with short blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Donn looked like a younger version of Mickey Mantle. Donn was from Tennessee and had moved to Detroit with his mother after his parents had divorced. She moved to Detroit for a job on one of the local assembly lines. Don and his mother lived in a small house a couple of blocks from our junior high school. i used to walk home with him and we would stop by his house to play basketball, catch, even sometimes board games like Risk or Clue or checkers. Donn's mom worked second shift and was always at work when we would stop by after school.

One afternoon, Donn showed me a stack of what we used to call "dirty magazines." These were nothing like we have today, but mostly magazines with titles like Man, Men, For Men Only and Stag. They featured black and white and sepia photos and drawings of bare breasted women. We began flipping through the magazines gawking at the beautiful and sexy breasts and the lustful come hither smiles of the young models. Both of us got hard almost immediately, kind of like Pavlov's dogs. It didn't take much at that age.

Pretty soon, Donn unzipped and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. It resembled a German WWII hand grenade, with a thick shaft, but a much thicker purplish head. His cock was crisscrossed with blue, green and purple veins and the sight of it stopped me in my tracks. Back then, at least at our city junior high, the boys swam in the nude. I'd seen Donn's large flaccid cock swinging between his muscular thighs in swim class, in the showers and in the gym locker room, but I had never seen it hard before. Although our school was 85% black, Donn had the biggest cock in our gym and swim classes, and he loved showing it off, often singing a ditty that went something like, "They call me King Kong cuz I got the biggest ding dong." Ahhhh, to be back in the 7th grade, huh? Donn began masturbating and I soon followed suit with my much smaller erection

Anyway, Donn quickly realized that I was spending a lot more time staring at his dick than at the bare breasted photos and drawings. He asked me if i wanted to touch it, and i reached over and wrapped my hand partially around it. It was warm to touch, and I could feel his pulse pounding there in his cock. It was velvety smooth yet hard as a bar of iron. The head was split where his piss slit was and I was just fascinated with it. He asked me to jerk it and I did, my right hand pulling him up and down and my left hand cradling his robin's egg sized balls that were nestled in his hairy sac. I heard him moaning as I pulled up and down his throbbing shaft and knew that he was enjoying the sensation of having me masturbate him.

Donn then told me to suck it, and i was shocked because that is exactly what i was thinking of. It was as if he could read my lecherous mind. I made no move to suck him and instead continued to jerk him, albeit much more slowly. I was shaking my head no, but some voice in my head (one of my heads) was screaming, "Suck his cock!" Donn could tell that I wanted to but couldn't bring myself to admit it, so he told me that no one would ever have to know and that if i tried it and didn't like it, we would never have to do it again and that he'd never mention it.

I could feel my head moving towards his cock as he reassured me. I brushed my lips against it and then opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his thick cock head. The sensation of having that huge cock in my mouth was utterly indescribable. It appealed to my underlying sexually submissive nature which had revealed itself early on in my life when I had become fascinated by and attracted to women's feet. His cock tasted musky and had a bit of a salty tang to it. He kept telling me how good it felt and to keep sucking it, and emboldened, i sucked more and more vigorously. His breathing became labored and soon he was grunting. I felt his cock head spasm and then my mouth filled with jet after jet of his thick creamy seminal fluid. It was everywhere, running down my throat, spilling out of the corners of my mouth, and soon i was choking on it and had it cumming splurting out of my nostrils. The cum shocked me. I'd just started cumming myself when i would masturbate but mine was a thin milky fluid, nothing like Donn's clotted cream cum.

I began crying and he tousled my hair and kept telling me it was all right, that no one would know. But I was afraid that I was going to hell and that everyone who saw me would know that I was a cocksucker, as if it would be emblazoned on my face. Donn got a wet rag and wiped the cum from my face and the few drips that he saw on my shirt before wiping his still hard cock off. He continued to reassure me and soon I grabbed my book bag and made my way home, swearing to myself that i would never ever do anything like this again.

When I got home, my parents didn't act any differently towards me. I immediately locked myself into the bathroom where i mercilessly beat off until i came, harder than I'd ever cum in my life. I could still taste the musky, slightly salty flavor of Donn's cock and his cum in in my mouth when we ate dinner that evening. At night in bed, i flogged my cock again and again, each time fantasizing that I was back at Donn's house sucking his magnificent dick.

In class the next day, Donn and i made eye contact again and again during the morning, and then sat next to each other at lunch. Donn asked me if i was okay and i lied and told him that i was. He asked me if i was coming over that afternoon, and i nodded, and both of us knew that the time for playing basketball and catch and board games was over and that I would be sucking him off again, like yesterday. I somehow made it through the afternoon and then met him to walk home with him after the last bell had rung. On the way home, he kept telling me how good it had been and how much he'd love to have me suck his cock again. He asked me if I had enjoyed it, and I blushed and admitted that i had loved it and would be happy to do it again. When we reached his home that afternoon, Donn quickly pulled down his jeans and briefs and I kneeled at his feet and sucked his cock long and hard until he filled my mouth with his cum. After he came, i licked off the cum around his cock. I had beaten off as i sucked him and my orgasm was more explosive than ever now that i had his cock in my mouth.

Fromm then on, I sucked Donn's cock every afternoon after school and he would come over my house on the weekends and I would suck his cock in our garage, my parents and siblings none the wiser. I learned to lick his balls and suck on them as well as his cock. Sometimes I would kneel at his feet with him standing, other times kneel with him sitting, but later we would both strip naked and I would lay between his legs and suck him. This position was easier on the knees and allowed me better access to his balls. I began fantasizing what it would be like to lick his asshole and in that position with me laying between his legs, i would allow my tongue to venture below his balls as if by mistake, with my tongue flicking lower across his often somewhat ripe asshole. He began arching his back giving me easier access to his rectal opening and i began licking it as part of our sex, neither of us mentioning it initially, but later Donn asking me to lick it and me readily, happily complying. On a few occasions he would masturbate me or let me sniff and lick his mother's soiled panties and stockings which he'd dragged out of her clothes hamper, but Donn never offered to suck me and I never asked him to. We both knew our relative positions and were happy with it.

Soon, Donn wanted to fuck me and we tried on a number of occasions, with his cock slathered in Vaseline, hair tonic, Mazola, olive oil, Jergen's lotion, whatever we could scrounge up, but my asshole was far too tight and his cock head far too thick to allow any anal access for him, so he would lay with me spoon fashion and fuck me between the backs of my thighs, shooting his wad all over the towels that we used to catch his voluminous spendings.

Some two and half years later, after our graduation from 9th grade, Donn's mom lost her job at the auto plant and they moved back home to Tennessee, and we quickly lost track of each other. My sexual adventures were relegated to beating off either fantasizing about sucking Donn's cock or licking my aunt's sexy feet, with my right hand frantically slapping my constantly erect cock again and again and again, in the bathroom, in my bedroom, in my aunt's closet with me sniffing and licking her soiled undergarments and her sandals and shoes, or me thrusting my cock through the opening of my aunt's sandals and open toed mules until i would cum, my cock red and raw and pulsating. I never saw Donn again, but a few years ago i found him on Facebook. He had married and was employed at a factory job down in Tennessee. I often wondered at how wide his wife's eyes had grown the first time that she'd gazed at Donn's massive member or how she howled with that delightful combination of pleasure and pain that comes from being well-fucked by a massive cock like that, wishing that we'd somehow figured out a way for him to have fucked me.