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I was out of town for training, and on the way home I was at a motel. I got on-line and offered another man a blowjob and a good fuck. He agreed. I was pretty drunk by the time he got there. His name was Tim and he was a big, fat guy. I didn't care as long as he had a workable cock. I took his shirt off and then undid his pants. As his pants dropped to the floor I saw a nice sized cock. I quickly stripped and we were both standing there naked. He pulled me to him and kissed me. My cock twitched as he stuck his tongue in my mouth. He reached down and started to play with my nipples. My cock grew a little more.

I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It tasted wonderful. I hadn't sucked a cock in several months and really wanted to taste a man's cum. I immediately knelt down and started to suck his cock. He reached down and started to play with my nipples. In seemingly seconds my cock was hard from the nipple pulling.. He laid on the bed and told me to suck his cock. I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock until it was hard. He said he didn't want to cum until he fucked me. That got me going. I deep throated his six inch cock until he was hard as a fucking rock. I turned around on all fours and he said he wouldn't fuck me that way. He just laid there and said I had to sit on his cock if I wanted to be fucked. I squirted some lotion on my hand and lubed my asshole up. I stood over him and squatted down until his cock was at my asshole. He reached up and pushed me down. In one motion I was sitting on his cock. It was wonderful.

I started to gently go up and down on his cock, then I got a little bolder and within seconds I was bouncing up and down like a $20 whore. I told him I heeded his cum inside me but he was a real fucking stud. After 20 minutes of being fucked this way he still hadn't cum. Then he said he needed me to suck him some more. I was kind of glad. My legs were getting pretty sore. I got off of him and bent down and took his cock back in my mouth. I sucked him for another 10 minutes and he reached down and grabbed the back of my head. He pulled me down and started cumming. It was a bigger load than I ever produced. I swallowed it all and loved it. I kept sucking him until he was hard again. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me again but he said he just wanted me to suck him to orgasm.

I sucked him for nearly an hour and he was finally ready to cum. He didn't have to hold my head down this time. I willingly wanted him to cum in my mouth. He did. It wasn't a really big load but it was enough to make us both happy. I wondered about my own cock, and when I mentioned it he said he didn't suck or get fucked. He sat in the chair as I laid on the bed and jerked off. I finally came on my chest and belly. He came over, scooped my cum up and fed it to me. I licked it all up off of his hands and he decided he had to get back to his wife. He got dressed and left. I drank a couple more beers and finally went to sleep, thinking about the gorgeous cock I just sucked.