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It started last summer after my wife got a tiny bikini not only for herself but for our 10 year old daughter as well. I'm a bit of a camera guy and I started snapping pics of my wife and having her do sexy poses. I guess our daughter felt left out so she started posing with her mom.

Things started to get a little out of hand when our daughter pulled her mom's bottom up so it went between her mom's ass cheeks. My wife didn't pull it back out but did the same to our daughter so her sexy little ass was just as uncovered as hers was. The only thing was it also give our daughter one hell of a camel toe as well.

I knew it was wrong but I felt myself getting very turned on and started saying things like pull your mom's straps down sweetheart to our daughter and it wasn't long before my wife's tits were out in the open. I decided it was time to take this inside so no one seen what was going on.

Once inside my wife said "I"M not going to be the only topless girl here" and pulled our daughters top off. By now I was hard as a rock and it was showing in my trunks big time. Our daughter pointed and said " Look at daddy's pants mom, it looks funny." My wife smiled and pulled one side of her bottoms part way down.

Our daughter seen what her mom had done and wasn't about to be out done, so she pulled hers down to where I could see she was just starting to get a few hairs growing down there. My wife said "Sweetie if you keep that up we are both going to be nude in front of your dad and that lump will get very painful for him." My daughter laughed and pull her bottoms all the way off saying "I think this is what dad wants for us to do. Now you mom, pull yours off too."

My wife had them both sit in the couch with their legs wide open and it was to much for me and I came in my trunks. That finished our photos for the day but now my daughter wants all of us to be nude for the pictures and there some touching going on and am not sure where it going but my daughter don't seem it be able to keep her hands off my cock and loves it when I shoot my cum on my belly.

If I don't stop what's going on I think one of thee days when my wife isn't around I may end up having full blown sex with my little girl.