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So i started this bad habit some time ago. I posted about it in confessions 1785 and 1790.

Anyway, over the last couple of years i have managed to fuck plenty of young girls in the hospitals. I would estimate about 25 or so. I have just found out some wonderful news.

A close family friend had their 12 year old daughter go to hospital after getting sick. They were keeping her sedated while they ran lots of tests. During this time i managed to get in and see her several times over the few days. I was lucky, because they were keeping her so heavily sedated i was able to really enjoy her. The first time was great cause i found out how shallow she was and i really pushed hard into her cervix before i filled her. By the time i knew she was going to get awoken and had to stop, i had fucked her at least 20 times, making sure to really push deep inside her. I blew so much cum into her belly over the 4 days. I managed to get balls deep the last 4 or 5 times, maybe even pushing my head into her cervix, as when i was done almost nothing leaked out of her.

So her parents a strict Catholic and when they knew she was pregnant she had to keep it. I was excited because i was going to get to watch her swell and grow my baby. She went home and i watched as she grew my baby for months. At 8 months she had some problems and they took her back to hospital and she was admitted. After a week they induced labour and delivered our baby. My mate called me after and told me she had the baby and i could come see her if i liked. She gave birth to my daughter.

They said she would have to stay in hospital for some time as she was so young and the premature baby meant the risks were high and they needed to monitor them. I visited a couple of times and got to hold my baby. My friends daughter was starting to look healthy again, her body restoring itself and her breasts clearly swelled to be cups. She was due to turn 13 in another few weeks. She wasn't breast feeding as the baby was to small and in an incubator.

I didn't expect it, but after she had been in for about 2 weeks she got ill. They said she had Pneumonia ans needed to take some time to get well. My mate called me and said they were keeping her in for another few weeks while they treat her. I got in to visit the next day and found her asleep. Her chart excited me because she was being given sleeping medications to help her rest.

Taking my time i made sure she was asleep and not going to wake. I closed the curtains and went for it again. I was gentle, but i got myself buried balls deep into her almost 13 year old pussy and went for it. I was surprised her tight she was after giving birth, but really excited when i could feel myself pushing into her cervix. I guess she was still a bit stretched and open, but it allowed me to push my head right into her uterus. I pumped my loads directly into her cervix, making sure to held myself tightly inside her when i did. I was so excited pumping my load directly into her womb that i just kept going. That afternoon alone i fucked her 4 times before i left to go home. I went back the next day and i stayed for most of the day. During rounds and visits i fucked her another 6 times, pumping every load into her belly.

It's now 8 weeks later and she has gone home with our daughter, not that she knows it my daughter, but they also confirmed yesterday that she is 8 weeks pregnant again. I managed to impregnate her before she even finished her first cycle after giving birth to our first child. All of this has sparked me into wanting more again. During the last 8 weeks i have visited 5 hospitals and i have managed to already fuck 7 more girls. I found a really hot 15 year old and fucked several loads into her. Best of all i found a young girl, who during her tests they had recorded she was pre-pubecent, but having periods. I visited her for 6 days while she was out, making sure it was times with her cycle and i fucked her for everything she was worth. I put 3 or 4 loads into her 10 year old belly everyday during my visits. Just knowing i was impregnating a 10 year old was amazing.