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My sister got hurt bad when she rolled her car over and with her husband overseas I took in my niece until her mom can take care of her again. I didn't think it would be to hard to look after her seeing how she is 7 years old. Man was I wrong.

First of all if there a loud noise she gets scared or if the wind blows and the tree outside taps against the house she gets scared. The first night the wind blew hard and the branch tapped the house she ran in my room, no knocking just ran in diving onto my bed and right on top of me. Hell if she did that a half hour sooner she would've caught me jacking off watching some teen porn on my lap top.

I told her she needs to knock first before running into my room cause I may not have any clothes on. She said that she had seen her dad that way and that it didn't matter to her if I wasn't dressed. I thought ok missy we will see.

A few days later I was reading a sexy story and rubbing my hard cock when I heard a screech of tires and a horn blowing and I knew she would be coming. I heard her feet on the hall floor my door flying open and her flying onto my bed. I didn't even try to cover up or close my lap top.

She landed on top of me and my hard cock which hurt like hell and she rolled over in front of me and half on my lap top saying she was sorry for hurting me. I guess I cried out in pain and before I could say anything she wrapped her little fingers around my cock. I was in a bit of shock but it felt great to have some hand other than my own on me for a change. I told her she shouldn't be touching me there and she said well when she hurt her daddy there he made her kiss it better.

I was in total shock but she bent over and kissed the head of my dick and asked if she got the right spot. I told her she didn't and she started kissing my cock all over it and before I knew she had the head of my cock in her mouth lapping the head with her tongue. She slid down so she was between my legs looking up at me she took me out of her mouth saying that my dad had her do that too. The next thing I know is she is giving a fucking blow job with her fingers sliding up and down on me as she bobbed her mouth on me.

I knew I should stop her and tell her it was wrong for her to do such things but it felt so fucking good and just before I came I tried to lift her mouth off me but she wouldn't let me until the first squirt hit the back of her mouth making her gag. She split out my cum on my belly and smiled at me saying her dad said that made him feel much better.

That was 3 weeks ago and I made her cum by using my tongue on her tiny clit last week. My sister said that she may not be able to look after her daughter until summer and told her not to worry about it cause we are doing just fine. Every night we sleep together now and she has even started closing her throat and lets me cum in her mouth. I am trying to get her to swallow be she hasn't yet. I just wished she was a few years older so I could break her cherry and fuck her the way it should be done.

Maybe if I'm lucky her mom wont be able to take her back and I will get her cherry in a couple years.