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When I was a teenager my dad was a trucker and my mom drank a lot. When he was out of town mom would often get fall down drunk on Friday nights. She would change into a near see-through night gown and I would stay home so I could stare at her tits. She had large tits and huge nipples. Week after week she would get drunk on Friday and Saturday nights.

One night I made the excuse to stay home and she was drinking. I suspected my dad had pussy on the road. I had noticed lately that when mom got drunk she had no idea on Saturday what had went on Friday night. So this one Friday night she was drinking as usual and I was home. She had at least two six packs under her belt and was staggering anytime she stood up. She was in her see through nightie and was watching late night TV. I went over and sat next to her. I was about the same size as dad and I don't think she could tell the difference that night so as I sat next to her I put my arm around her. She said, "That's good honey." I rubbed her shoulder for a few minutes and as she put her head on my shoulder I reached over with my other hand and put it on her tit.. Then she said, "Rub that tit honey. You know how much I like it." I started to play with a nipple and she leaned up for a kiss. I parted her lips with my tongue and she seemed to enjoy it. Then she said, "Honey, did you take your pill?" I told her I did, not knowing what pill she was talking about. Then her hand reached down and started rubbing my cock through my pants.

As I sat there she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I wasn't sure exactly what she had in mind but soon found out when she bent over and took my cock in her mouth. She looked up and said, "Is Tom out for the night?" I told her he was and she went back down on me. She sucked me until I was hard. "Oh, fuck honey, you seem bigger than normal." I told her it was the pill. She sucked me better than I could ever jerk off. Then she turned around and said she needed it in her ass.

I had never fucked a girl before but decided now was as good as time as any. When I scooted up to her she asked if I was going to tongue fuck her first to get her ready. I bent down and sniffed her asshole. It smelled like cherries. I put my tongue up to her asshole and she started to fuck back against my tongue. I thought this was pretty cool. I got her asshole nice and slippery and she said she was ready. I scooted back up to her ass and pushed my hard cock into her asshole. She just kept saying "Oh, fuck yeah honey, fuck me harder." I did the best I could and in minutes I was coming in my mom's ass. When I was spent I pulled out of her ass and she quickly turned around. She sucked the last of my cum out of me and kept sucking until I got hard again. It took about 15 minutes. She told me I felt like a fucking baseball bat in her asshole.

She sucked me until I gained a second erection and kept sucking until I was ready to cum a second time. When I said I was about to cum she reached under me and shoved a finger in my ass. "Oh, fuck " I said as she kept sucking and I started cumming. She took it all and when I was spent I had no cum left. she said we should go to bed. She led me to her bed and I laid down with her. I spooned her for a bit then got up and went to my own bed. In the morning she had no idea what had happened the night before. From that day on I made sure I was home on Friday nights and she had plenty of beer to keep her lubed for me.

That's where I learned how to fuck and have been known to be a good lover ever since then.