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I was in a community theater play and Jenny and I were backstage during rehearsal waiting to go on and she backed into me. I thought it was an accident but the next night when she did it again I asked if it was on purpose. She said it was I reached around her and grabbed her tit. She said that was what she was waiting for.

the next night was the night before opening night and after she bumped into me again she reached around and put her hand on my cock. She said, "I figured since you're married you're pretty safe." She turned around and we kissed. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and I caressed her tit. After rehearsal we had a big dinner. She sat next to me and after our dinner was served she put her hand on my thigh and turned and whispered, "Ffter dinner I want your cock."

After dinner she asked me for a ride home. When we got in my mini-van she said she had a special place for us to go if I wanted to kidnap her. I drove to the spot she designated, a back road with nobody else around then said, "Let's go in the back." We crawled into the middle bench seat and she told me to take my pants off. I did and she knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. She had a feather touch with her mouth and I was soon hard. She sucked me until was hard then said "will you still kiss me if I swallow?" I said "Oh, fuck yeah." She kept sucking until I was ready to cum. I said as much and she said to go ahead and cum. I started cumming and she started swallowing. When I was spent she came up and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her tongue. It was the best blowjob I'd ever had.

We spent nearly every night until after the performances licking and sucking each other. I tasted so much cunt juice and she drank so much of my jizz that AI'll never forget that week with my Jenny.