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My sister knows and totally supports me being gay which always leads to some interesting situations.Early last night she told me she would be bringing a guy home for sex. Our bedrooms are connected by a bathroom and when I heard them go into her room I was to go into the bathroom and wait for her to come get me .Jenn told me when she came into the bathroom she wanted me to slip into her room making sure not to speak so the guy wouldnt know it wasnt her when I sucked his cock.Everything went like she said,when she came into the bathroom and told me to strip so I did .She told me to go have fun,turned the light off and opened the door and I walked out into her room.She had a night light on so I could barely see and I crawled up between the guys legs and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking ,I was really loving it and so was he and all of a sudden the bedroom lights came on .I didnt stop sucking but did look up to see what the guy looked like and froze when I recognized who it was.My sister set us both up,,I was sucking my dads cock .I could tell by the look on his face that he was as shocked as I was but he didnt freak out or do anything to stop me so I just sucked harder and seconds later he exploded in my mouth. The three of us talked about it which got his cock hard fast . I got to watch my dad fuck my sister and even licked them both clean afterwards.