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I was horny one night and about half drunk. My wife went to bed early and I got on-line. I answered an ad from a guy in my city the said he needed to suck a cock. I thought, "I might as well see if he wanted to suck my cock." I answered his ad and abut 45 minutes later I was sneaking around his house to the back door. He was about 6'4" tall and skinny. I'm about 5'6" tall and a little chubby. That didn't seem to bother him or me. As soon as he let me in he closed the door behind him and turned and kissed me. His mouth opened wide and his tongue found the inside of my mouth. He reached down to feel my cock. "I think you'll do" he said as he unbuckled my pants. My cock is only about five inches when hard. I'm a little embarrassed by it but have learned that most guys don't really care. They just want cock.

He pulled my pants down and took my cock in his mouth. He kept complimenting me on my nice cock as he sucked me to my fullness. Then he stood and dropped his pants and kicked them off. His cock was huge. I asked him how big he gets and he said it gets about eight inches or so. I had never sucked a cock so big so I knelt down and took him in my mouth. It took about three minutes to get him hard. It stuck out like a fucking flag pole. Then he sat on the couch and told me to straddle him. At first I sat in front of his cock and we kissed some more. He reached around and I felt a finger at my asshole. He was playing with my hole and I felt him push his finger in. Then he put a second finger in and asked if I hurt. It didn't.

Within two minutes he put a third finger in me and was finger fucking me. He had licked or spit on his fingers so they were pretty slippery. There was no pain, only the pleasure of him exploring my mouth and finger fucking me. Then he said he wanted me to sit on his cock. I had never been fucked before but like fingers in my ass. I thought that this might be a good time to feel what a real cock feels like so I raised up and positioned my asshole on the tip of his big, fat cock. He said, "Don't worry, if you can take three fingers you can take my cock." I started to lower myself down when he put his hands on my shoulders and shoved me down onto his cock. There was a brief sharp pain then the feeling of fullness. I sat there for several seconds then started to raise and lower myself on his cock. "That's it, be my little cunt" he said. "oh yeah take daddy's cock in your pussy." This kind of talk turned me on.

He reached up and started to play with my nipples, and before I knew it I was starting to cum. He was fucking me but I was the one cumming. It was the most exciting feeling I ever had. After I came all over his chest and belly he told me to get off of him and clean him off. He had me lick my cum off of him then told me to suck his cock until he filled my mouth with his cum. "Oh fuck bitch" he kept saying as I sucked him until he was ready to cum. I hadn't planned on sucking the cum out of him but he pulled my head down as far as he could and started to cum. It filled my mouth to overflowing. I never knew one man could produce so much cum. I swallowed some and some dribbled down my chin. Before he was totally spent he pushed me off of him and told me to kneel down on the carpet. When I did he shoved his big, slimy cock back into my asshole. It slid in easily and was glorious. He stayed hard and fucked me for the next half hour until he was ready to cum again. When he said he was gonna cum I didn't pull away but just let him fill my ass with his jizz.

That was the first night of many encounters we had. I finally had to stop going out on Friday nights as my wife was starting to get suspicious. However, every now and again I do go over on Saturday afternoons and get either a mouthful or an ass full of his seed. What a fucking stud!