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Hi everyone, im a 18 year old girl and I have been having sex with dogs since i was 14 years old. It first started when I lived at home alone with my parent. I seen my dog humping a stuffed animal I have in the room and when I told him to get off I see that huge cock with balls and cum shooting everywhere! I was like omg.. what is that? Why is it red and so big? Why is he peeing everywhere? It freaked me out at first. Then later I got on my computer and looked it up and seen what it was, and what it was he was doing. Its shows how dogs have sex and I seen that they get stuck together. That was his huge balls that I seen that day when he was humping my stuffed animal. It would get stuck inside the female dog for a while and sometimes he would spin around, butt to butt.

I found myself getting wet all the time watching it, and I would throw my stuffed animal on the floor to watch him fuck it. Eventually I decided to let him lick me and see if he would. My mom had left to the store and I stayed behind, and as soon as she left I ran to the room and dropped my pants and called him over. He ran to me and layed down between my legs and started licking my little pussy that was all wet from excitement. Omg I came really fast because it felt so good and also because of the excitement! He almost made me cum again but I kept freaking out and was scared of getting caught.

We did every day I came home from from school and waited for my mom to get there.

My next story will be more about us and sex..I just want to make sure i dont freak no one out.