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When I was in college my next door neighbor's wife who was maqybe 30, locked herself out of her house. I had to climb in a bathroom window to get in and open the front door. She wanted to thank me but I refused the money. She then looked right into my crotch and said, maybe there is another way to thank you. Well, I was no virgin and knew exactly what she was offering me. I thought, what if her husband comes home! Well, she put her hand into my crotch and all thoughts of those concerns went away quickly. We went into the bedroom and first she went downon me and I thought, my next door neighbors wife is a whore! He was a music composer and she was a former actress. I fucked her really hard for about 20 minutes before I let loose my load. She said I was a lot better than her husband. She and I fucked about once a week after that and her husband never knew. LOL