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The one time I let my brother fuck me was when I was 16. He was 19 at the time and our parents were out for the night. He came home a bit drunk and when he came into my bedroom he said he was horny and his girl wouldn't suck his cock. When I showed disinterest he came over to my bed and told me he needed me to suck his cock. I told him it wasn't my job but he didn't seem to hear me. He took his pants and underwear off and stood at the side of my bed. "Time to please your big brother" he said and thrust his dick toward my face. I told him to go to bed but again he ignored me. He grabbed my hair and pulled me toward him. "I said to suck my cock" he said. He pulled me close enough that his cock was at my lips. "suck me or I'll tell mom and dad you are smoking dope." He knew I occasionally smoked some and I didn't want our parents to know.

I opened my mouth a little bit and he shoved his cock in. It was pretty big and I have really wanted it for a while but didn't want him to know. I was kinda glad he forced me. I put my lips around his cock and started to suck it like I wanted it. "That's it, be my good little cocksucker" he said as I sucked him hard. He was at least 7 inches hard and I was loving it. I put as much of his cock in my mouth as I could and sucked him until he