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My sister was almost 5 years older then I am and from the first time I can remember anything, no matter what happen I got in shit for it. Like I was down the street and when I got home the front window was broke out. I got my ass whipped for it and my she laughed at me later cause I couldn't sit down, I mean there was blood from the whipping I took and I got many of these in my young life.

Last June was my sisters prom and she was told to be home at midnight but it was 3 in the morning when she fell against the door trying to get in, totally drunk. As I looked around the corner dad opened the door Mira fell in throwing up on dad on the floor and our new couch.

It was the first time Mira got the whip that I know of. Dad had ripped her dress off and took his belt to her. I got a hard on watching him beat her ass.

I got up about 5 and went to Mira's room finding her on top on the covers with her legs spread face down passed out cold. I thought may the fuck not. I could give her fucking back she has given me all these years, so I got between her legs trying to force my cock in her pussy but she was to dry. I got some baby oil and lubed her up and my cock as well and on my first push I went part way in and on my second I pushed as hard as I could and it felt kind of like a pop and I was in and Mira give a well it wasn't a scream but not a groan either. I fucked hard before dumping my load in her as deep as I could.

When I pulled out I was blood on my cock and thought it was from the whipping she had got but her ass wasn't cut so I then thought she must having her monthly. I cleaned myself up went back and fucked her for the second time leaving her with my cum and still some blood running out of her.

About noon I found her crying and when I smiled she said that I was a asshole for smiling at her after someone had not only raped her but had took her virginity as well. Well I felt great about fucking her over like that. A few weeks later and it turns out she is pregnant and I'm the only person who knows its my kid. Our parents tell her to have the kid as abortion is murder and so on.

On Feb 27 she has a little girl who is just as cute as a pin. I feel proud that I made something so cute. My sister never covered up when she fed the kid her tit milk and I had hard on every time I seen her tits.

Well my sister got in the family car with my daughter and put a hose through the window started the car and killed my daughter and herself. that happened 2 days ago and I feel like putting dads gun to my head and doing myself in cause I know I cause her to do that. I just don't know if I can go on.