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My mate and I catch up most weekends generally to watch footy and drink bourbon.

The conversation often turns to how hot each other’s wife is. He confessed that not long ago when we had all been drinking he copped a nice feel of my wife’s tits. She didn’t stop him she enjoyed it. This doesn’t bother me I actually find it a turn on. The thought of someone else caressing my wife is a turn on.

I think if my wife was in the right mood she would fuck him with me watching.

He’s wife,Teaghan is hot I love her ass. On the night he copped a feel of my wife I grabbed Teaghan by the hips and rubbed my cock on her ass. She was wearing a one Piece bikini so it felt great. To my surprise she didn’t stop me. Grabbing Teaghan and grinding her ass while telling her how sexy she is was such a turn on. My cock was tearing through my shorts.

Later that night while her husband watch I slipped up behind Teaghan unzipped her top to reveal her hot bikini body. As she looks at her husband she said nothing she just stood there letting me undress her.

I wish I could say that I got the courage up to lay Teaghan over the table and fuck her sexy body. But no.

I’m hoping that soon the girls will come to the party and let us have the hottest night I can imagine. But till then I will always get hard thinking about that night. Teaghan