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I was finally able to get a boyfriend when I was 17 years old. We used to go to church together and I would rest my hand on his thigh throughout the service. He would put his bible over my hand so nobody could see. One day I put my hand a little too close and laid it on his cock. By the end of service he was sweating and very nervous. I did this for about three weeks and one day while my hand was resting on his crotch I squeezed his cock and started to rub back and forth. He grunted a little and I felt wetness on my hand. I had made him cum. We were the first ones out that day. Although he was my first boyfriend I used to sneak into my older brother's bedroom and watch his porn so I knew all about sex although I was a virgin. The next Friday night I asked him to take me to the drive-in. That was the first blowjob I had ever given. I even let him cum in my mouth. It scared the shit out of him. But it got my pussy wet. From that night until we graduated I sucked his cock nearly every weekend.

I eventually got married to a great guy who had a huge cock. I could barely get my mouth around it but he was impressed with my cocksucking skills. He also took my virginity and that was fucking heaven. He could cum buckets and even cum up to three times in one session. On our wedding night after he fucked me twice I turned around to suck him. This time while he was getting ready to cum I shoved a finger up his ass. He shrieked like a little girl but came hard for a third orgasm. That kind of became our thing for about a year and one night I used a small dildo on him and made him cum even harder than than ever. He liked it so much I graduated to larger rubber cocks until the one I used on him was almost as big as him. He would even get on all fours and let me fuck his ass with a strap-on.

Then I got a great idea. I would hire an escort to fuck him. I set it up and told him I had a special cock for him but he had to play by my rules. He agreed. That night I stripped him naked. He was already hard when I tied his hands and feet to the four corners of the bed and blindfolded him. I was doing my thing and fucking him with a medium cock when my escort snuck into the bedroom. I told him I'd be right back and got off the bed. I waited for about 30 seconds and waved the guy forward. He crawled up onto the bed and in one move shoved his cock into my hubby's asshole. He called out "Oh, fuck honey, that's awesome." He could tell it wasn't one of my rubber cocks and when the guy started grunting he kind of knew it was a real cock in his ass. I could see the confusion in him but he was soon thrusting back while he got fucked. Then the guy said he was cumming and looked over to me. I told him to breed my horny little man cunt. He thrust forward one last time and I could tell he was cumming. He filled my husband's ass with a huge load of cum.

"You want more, you little bitch?" I asked him. He said to give him all we got. I motioned for the escort to go around to the head of the bed. He went op to the head and knelt in front of hubby. He put his cum soaked cock up to his lips and Terry (hubby) opened his mouth and took the cock in past his lips. He sucked that cock like he was made for it. The guy finally came and Terry took it all.

The guy finally left and I untied Terry. I wouldn't tell him who it was because I didn't even know his name. I did tell him, though that he can get fucked any time he wants as long as I'm there with him. Over the next two years he started liking cock more than pussy. We advertised and finally got a twink with a big cock to come live with us as our housekeeper. He stayed with us for three years and we sucked and fucked so much I became totally addicted to big cock and Terry moved out with this little fucker and now lives a totally gay lifestyle while I'm stuck looking for big cocks to satisfy my proclivities.