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When I was 13 I saw my mom fucking our neighbor Todd. I had already started growing tits and had gotten my period by then so when I saw them my pussy naturally got wet. I was mesmerized watching them. I was supposed to be at Jenny's house but came home early that day and they didn't even hear me come in. Dad was out of town for the weekend so there was no chance of him catching them. They were both making weird noises and then he yelled "Fuck babe I'm cumming." A minute later mom got off of him and scooted down and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him for a couple of minutes then told him he had to get dressed and leave. I hurried out the back so they wouldn't hear me and walked around the block a couple of times before I went in. Mom was acting normal, like nothing happened. I masturbated that night just thinking about what I saw that afternoon.

I started to watch closely after that and caught her fucking Todd a number of times over the next year, then got the surprise of my life one Saturday when I sneaked in and saw her eating another woman's cunt. I had no idea that was even possible. This happened a couple of times over the next few months. My mom was a real whore but I was learning a lot sneaking in to observe. I found out the woman was Tammy, a single woman 10 years younger than mom and was quite beautiful. When I was home on Saturdays and Tammy came over they acted like friends just having a cup of coffee together. Then one day when Tammy came over I noticed her looking at my tits. Then she looked at my eyes and winked at me.

She was there for about an hour that afternoon and when she left she asked if I could come over and help her with her garden. Mom looked at me and said it was okay with her. I really didn't want to do any yard work but wanted to feel included so I agreed. Tammy lived about five miles away and drove me to her house. She was single and lived alone. I thought this would be pretty innocent and really didn't think too much of it when she offered me a beer. I was almost 15 by now and she said she thought I was old enough to handle it. After about three beers I was pretty buzzed. I was slurring my words a little when I asked what kind of gardening we were gonna do. She chuckled and replied "Not much. I thought I'd show you how to properly handle a bush. I started to get up from the couch thinking we were going outside. "No honey. You just sit there and I'll teach you." I thought it sounded plausible enough so I sat back down. I put my head back and closed my eyes as the beer had made me tired. Then I felt her kiss me. I let her and before I knew it I was laying on the couch and she was on top of me kissing me. I didn't even notice when she had my blouse open and my bra had been pushed over my tits. She was sucking on a nipple. Her mouth was soft on my little nip and I felt a familiar stirring in my pussy. She looked up at me and smiled, shushing me moved her mouth down to my belly. She unbuckled my jeans and pulled them off. I was a bit embarrassed as my panties were a little wet. I had a decent amount of pubic hair for a 15 year old and when she pulled my panties off she said it was beautiful. "Just relax honey." She removed my panties and knelt on the carpet by the couch. She put one of my legs over her shoulder and started kissing my thighs. I was nervous but it felt so fucking good I tried to open my legs a little more.

She worked her way up to my pussy and licked me. A shiver went through me. Then she licked me a second time and put her fingers on my nipple. It was hard. She slowly worked her tongue up and down and finally inside me. I felt myself cum. She kept tongue fucking me until a came a second time. The beer had really taken affect and I think I passed out. When I woke up I was on her bed naked and she was laying beside me, naked as well. She asked me if I remembered what had happened. I did and told her a much. She said she put me here so I could sober up a bit before she took me home. While she talked her hand was rubbing my belly. It felt great and I didn't want her to stop. She noticed me open my legs a little and her hand slipped down between my legs. I spread my legs and let her finger fuck me to another orgasm. I had my eyes closed and when she kissed me I responded. Her tongue parted my lips and she explored the inside of my mouth while her fingers were still inside me. "How does that feel?" she asked. "So fucking good" I responded. She took hold of my hand and guided it down to her cunt. "Why should you have all the fun?" she said as she opened her legs and I started to play with her. It wasn't long and she was wet. "Oh fuck honey that's good." I was proud that I was pleasing her so when she guided my head down to her lower belly I wanted to please her more.

"Go ahead honey, you can taste it." I put my nose up to her cunt and smelled her sex. It was alluring and I didn't hesitate but started to lick her like she had done to me. She was moaning and thrusting up to my face more and more. I must have done a good job because she clenched her thighs around my head and shrieked and way she did with my mom. What a fucking day that was. That was the first of many times I went over to Tammy's house. It got to the point that we wouldn't even make excuses. Tammy would come over, honk a couple of times and I would walk out. If mom asked where I was going I would tell her I was going to Tammy's. "Okay honey" was all she would say. I never saw them together anymore and think she knew something was up with us but I really didn't care.

Tammy ruined me for men and I am a full grown lesbian whore and can't get enough pussy. I'm now 45 years old and look forward to teaching all the young pussy I can.