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My Friend invited me over to his house for a drink on weekend. We started drinking, soon his wife came back from work and join us. as the bottle finished they were drunk as fuck i was drunk too but i was in my senses and i knew whats going on.soon my friend started throwing up, i had to take him to washroom and thn to his bed.

When i came back to join his wife she was passed out. she is a beautiful and sexy lady, i started to explore her body and get horny instantly. I kissed her on her lips ,pressed her boobs, and take her pants off, her pussy smell was too good. i licked her pussy for 5 min. and i went up to kiss her this time she responded and we kissed for about 2 mins.

she was wet, i put her hands on my cock and start jerking offand cum in her hands, when i finished i fix her up and put her to bed and left.

that night was so good, i so want to fuck her but i dont know if she wants to or not.

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