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It was Friday night and Ashley and I usually stay in, drink and eventually fuck. In the morning she gets dressed and leaves before I wake up. We've been dating for about four months and I was about ready to pop the question. She also gives the best blowjob even though she won't swallow. One Friday I got super drunk and woke up Saturday not remembering a fucking thing. I got up to pee and found that my asshole hurt. I wondered "What the fuck happened to me last night?"

I walked out of the bathroom and saw my laptop on my desk and it was opened up. There was a note next to it that read, "We're done and you're a little fucking bitch. Press play." I was perplexed but sat at my desk and started the video. No wonder my ass hurt.

The video: It started with us naked on the bed. Her camera phone was sitting on my dresser recording it all. I could see the entire bed and we were embracing and kissing. She scooted down and took my flaccid cock in her mouth. After a minute she said to no one in particular, "Your fucking cock works like spaghetti. Tom, get in here." She backed off of the bed and I saw a naked man walk into the picture. They moved me around so my head was hanging off of the foot of the bed. I was on my back and although I couldn't see his face I could see his body. His cock was about half hard and seemed really thick. With my head hanging off the bed my mouth was opened a little bit. It looked like I was about passed out. He stepped forward and put his cock up to my lips. He said he was going to fuck my mouth and pushed his cock between my lips and gently started to mouth fuck me. After a few seconds I could tell I was actively sucking his cock. He stopped moving and let me do all the work. Then he said he was gonna fill my mouth with cum but I didn't pull away. I saw myself cough and sputter as he emptied his nuts into my mouth.

He turned to Ashley and said, "You were right. He really is just a little fag." He kept his cock in my mouth and told me he was gonna fuck my mouth until he was hard again. It took about 10 minutes but he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth. It was rock hard and curved up slightly. Then he turned me over onto my stomach and pulled my head back onto the bed. He leaned down and said, "I'm gonna fuck you now and make you my little bitch." I heard Ashley chuckle in the background and she said "Go ahead. Pound him good." He moved onto the bed and straddled my legs. He reached over and Ashley gave him some lube. He coated his cock in the lube and then squirted some on and in my asshole. His cock was rock hard when he leaned over and buried his cock in my ass. I moaned but didn't move. He was straddling my legs and actively fucking my asshole. He fucked me like this for about 10 minutes then rolled me over. He told me to lift my legs so he could fuck me like a woman. I lifted my legs and he draped them over his shoulders. He shoved his cock back in my ass and I could see his nuts slapping my ass with each thrust. I grunted each time he thrust in and sort of moaned each time he pulled back.

He finally pushed one last time and I could tell he was cumming. I didn't know if I felt his cum in my ass and when he pulled out I could see some of his cum on the end of his cock. Immediately Ashley came around to the side of the bed with the best view from the camera and knelt down. He got off of the bed and stood in front of her. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked all of the cum off of him. When she finally gad him cleaned off he pulled his cock out of her mouth. She walked over to the camera and looked into it. Then she said "Now you know. You're just a little pussy boy who can't fuck with that little limp dick of yours. But as you can see, Tom can. I'm with him now and you can go fuck yourself. Oh yeah, you'r dick's too small." She laughed as her hand reached up to turn the camera off.

I was devastated at first but the more I thought about it the more curious I became. I started experimenting with my ass each time I jerked off and eventually got into the clandestine gay scene. I finally moved out of town and hooked up with this old fat guy. He wasn't much of a looker but man could he fuck?