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When I was about 30 I decided to try online dating, a reputable subscription site. The second girl I met and went on a date with was a Chinese girl who immigrated for school 10 years earlier. She was 31 with 2 kids and newly divorced. After several dates things became serious, and sexual. The more we talked the more I learned about her past and history. For this story I’ll stick to what’s relevant. I learned that I was her third partner. Aside from her husband she had only been with one other man once. I also learned that she was kind of a stereotypical Chinese woman that was quite reserved. She had never had a man go down on her ever before, she had never masturbated or touched herself or had ever shaved. She was all natural. Soon as our relationship progressed she started trying things that I liked that she had never done before like send dirty pictures, touching herself, shaving for me. What the stereotype of Asian women were was true with her. She was petite small boobs and after she shaved looked way way younger than she was. I asked her about blowjobs one night and she said she had only done it less than a handful of times in her life and it was short lived. So I assumed that it wasn’t her thing but told her I was a little sad to hear it. Then one night we are fooling around on the couch and I’m going down on her as she laid. I moved to the floor on my knees so I could finger her and suck her tits. After as I’m kneeling next to her still fingering her she pulled down my boxers and started sucking my dick. It was amazing. I was fucking her mouth as she was morning from my fingers in her. As it went on the closer I got when I told her I was about to cum and started to pull back. I figured if head wasn’t really her thing cumming in her mouth was off the table. Haha. But she grabbed my hip and pulled me closer and sucked harder. As I came I tried my best to not ram my cock down her and choke her. I came so hard and so much inside her mouth and when I stopped she calmly stood up, walked to the bathroom and spit. I thanked her a hundred times when she came back and told her for someone who doesn’t give head it was some of the best I’ve ever had. She did a lot of things with me outside of her norm and catered to my every whim. From shaving to oral and anal to pics and touching right down to the Asian school girl with pigtails and all. It didn’t last between us but I know she’ll never forget me and I’ll never forget her.