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"Roger, what the fuck is going on?" That was my dad yelling at me. I was in the garage on my knees sucking off Tim. We had been buds since grade school and now in our Junior year when he told me he was gay I let him suck my dick one night. After a couple more times I got curious and sucked his too. This was about the fourth time I sucked him off when my dad walked in on us. He was pissed. Mom passed away a few years before so it's only been him and me. He tends to drink, and when he's drunk he gets pretty mean. He ordered Tim out and me to my bedroom.

He must have been drinking because about 7:00 that night he stormed into my room. I was playing a video game and he knocked the controller out of my hand. "So, you're a little fag now, huh?" he yelled at me. I was scared because he wasn't afraid to slap me when he's like this. He's a whole lot bigger than me so I was cowering back a little and he reached down and slapped me. I hadn't been spanked in years but when he told me to bend over the bed I knew it was coming. I knelt over the bed and he told me to pull my pants down. I did and felt the first slap. He hit me hard. Then he slapped me again. After about six swats I was in tears, begging him not to hit me anymore. He stopped and I thought we were done. Then I felt him scoot up behind me and a wet finger was shoved up my ass. I cried out and begged him to stop. He was finger fucking me now and when he put a second finger in it really hurt. Finally he pulled his fingers out and the pain stopped. But I felt an even sharper pain when he shoved his cock into me. I couldn't believe it. My dad was force fucking me.

The first half dozen strokes really hurt but then it started to actually feel good. "You're just a little fucking bitch, aren't you?" he said. Then he said "And that's what you are from now on. My bitch!" He fucked me for another two minutes and pulled his cock out and started cumming on my ass. He rubbed his cum all over and in my asshole finger fucking me for another few minutes. When he finally pulled his fingers back out he ordered me to turn around. I turned around and sat on the bed. "Wipe it off" he ordered. He pointed to my shirt and I took the tail of my shirt and wiped his cock off. Then he said, "Now, since you like sucking cock so much let's see if you like sucking mine." He moved forward a little and his cock was staring me in the face. I was scared shitless but when he put his cock up to my lips I opened my mouth. He put his cock in and started to slowly mouth fuck me. His cock got harder and bigger with each thrust. If it wasn't my drunk dad mouth fucking me this would be good. His cock was large and the skin was baby-soft. Then he started moaning. "Fuck, boy. You suck cock better than your mom ever did. That mouth of yours is better than any pussy."

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to stand up. He sat on the bed with his legs hanging over and laid back. "Now finish me, you little cunt." I was too afraid not to, and truth be told I kind of wanted to. I bent over him and took his cock back in my mouth. The more I sucked him the harder my own cock was. By the time he was ready to cum I had a full blown hard-on. Finally he grunted and started to cum. It wasn't a lot but it was enough. "That's it bitch, take it all" he said as I swallowed every drop and even cleaned him off. I was a lot calmer when I was done and when I stood up he saw my erection. He laughed and commented that I really must be a little fag if I liked sucking cock so much that it made me hard. Then he said we had new rules. He didn't really care what I did with others as long as I was his cum slut anytime he wanted.

I agreed. It's been three years now and I still live with him. We drink together, sleep together and I get all the cock I want and he gets to fuck any time he wants. A perfect arrangement.