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I remember playing "Doctor" with a couple different little girls. The first one was really curious and when we got to the point of me exposing and undressing her, I remember getting so excited. I kneeled in front of her and told her to open her legs because I needed to examine her down there. So she did, and after touching her gently I could hear her breathing in sharp ragged breaths. I remember feeling a tingly feeling in my groin I'd never felt before. Finally I wanted to smell her, for some reason, (I had no idea it would smell sooo good), so I got my face close, almost touching, and smelled. She smelled tangy and I liked it – I spent some time down there inhaling deeply and with every breath, I knew I liked it more. I remember noticing a little glint of wetness. I touched it, causing her body to jerk, and I asked her if she had peed a little. But that made her clamp her legs shut and say "Ew, no!" Then she told me SHE was going to be the doctor now, as she got her pants back up. So I reclined on the bed, and she took off my shirt, and pulled my pants down. She wasted no time, she wasn't even playing, she just jerked my shorts down and BAM, there is was, my hard little-boy boner just sticking out there. I remember her like gasping, and having a sparkle in her eye. She asked me a few doctor-like questions or something, and while I answered she reached out and took me in her hand. Her little hand felt good, warm on me, squeezing me, as if relishing how hard it was. She lifted my balls with her fingertips and I remember that felt really good. To this day I love a girl to just fondle and play with my balls. She tried various ways if sliding her hand up and down on my little boner, and finally at one point she licked her hand, and her spit made her hand slippery, and finally I was getting a proper jerking-off from her while she smiled, wide-eyed. But just when I was so excited and exhilarated, my mom knocked on the door and asked if we'd come out for lunch. Of course I panicked and called out in this shrill, scared voice, "Don't come in!! Uh, we're coming, we're just putting stuff away!" She said something like "Are you ok? What are you doing in there?", and cracked the door open. We had barely got our clothes pulled back up, but it was obvious what we were doing. My mom got mad and made my little friend come out and wait in the living room while she called her mom to come pick her up. I thought mom was going to murder us both, but after the girl was gone, I just got a gentle speech which I don't really remember any of, lol. I just remember feeling the girl's little hand fondling my dick and balls. After that I jerked off every night and day, thinking about her.