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I was pissed at my wife so I went out to get drunk. After a few beers I was a little tipsy and noticed a nice looking woman sitting alone. I approached her and we struck up a conversation. She said she was here because she and her husband had a fight. It seemed we had a lot in common. We drank for another hour and she said she really needed a cock tonight and if I was up for it she would take me home. She said her husband was gone and wouldn't be home for a couple of days. I was just drunk enough to agree to go home with her.

We were both naked on the bed and she was sucking my cock and I was eating her pussy when we heard the front door close. "Oh fuck" she said. Then her very large husband walked in. "You fucking bitch" he said. "At it again." Instead of taking any action he reached into my pants and took out my wallet. "So, Terry who lives on Wilson Street, you like fucking married women?" I stammered an answer and he said, "So, here's the drill. Since you like fucking my wife, you're gonna suck my cock or I'm marching over to your place right now." I was flabbergasted. I'm not gay and told him so. He said that tonight I was and proceeded to take his clothes off. He was about eight inches taller than me and at least a hundred pounds heavier. I looked down past his big belly and saw a really big cock. "Your choice. You suck my cock or I tell your wife." "Fuck" I said. He sat in his recliner and told me to crawl over to him. I was humiliated but had no choice. I got on all fours and crawled over to him. I looked up at him and he just said "Suck it." I bent over and put my mouth on his cock. I had always thought a man sucking cock was nasty but found his cock skin soft. The more I sucked him the harder he got and the more I was into it.

When he was fully erect he was at least seven inches long and thick. I couldn't get very much of him in my mouth but did the best I could. Then I felt her hands on my ass. She was massaging my cheeks and her finger sneaked its way into my asshole. This was new for me as well. Even as drunk as I was I still had enough feeling to know she was finger fucking me. My cock started to get hard as she put a second finger in. I noticed myself moaning a little and pushing my ass back as she thrust her fingers in.

This went on for about 10 minutes and she pulled her fingers out. He told me to turn around on all fours. I was pretty pliable in my state so I turned around. She was sitting spread eagle and when I turned around she pushed my head down into her pussy. She bent back a little giving me a perfect view of her upturned pussy. I buried my face into her and felt a sharp pain in my ass as he shoved his cock up my asshole. I grunted and he told me to shut the fuck up and take it. After a few seconds he started to fuck me. The initial pain was now gone and it started to feel good. He fucked me for another 20 minutes and I felt him start cumming. He filled my ass with shot after shot until it came back out. He finally pulled his cock out of my ass and she shoved me away from her pussy. She rolled me over and he knelt over me, straddling my chest. He put his cum soaked cock up to my lips and told me to clean him off. He shoved his cock past my lips and into my mouth. It was totally different than I thought it would be. I wanted him in my mouth and sucked him dry.

I never did get to fuck her but as the weeks went by he blackmailed me into sucking his cock and being fucked every week. After a couple of times I let him only think he was blackmailing me as I wanted his cock more each week and even after he said we were done I volunteered to meet him every Friday. He agreed and I have more sex now with him than I ever did with my wife. I'm still married and our lives are better than ever now that she doesn't have to have sex anymore.