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I grew up with my best friend Art. One night we were drinking and getting pretty drunk and Art said he needed a massage. I was pretty drunk and offered to rub his shoulders. I rubbed his shoulders and he said he was horny. I told him to go to his girlfriend's house and he said he was too drunk to drive. We were at my house and my parents were out of town. Art is much bigger and stronger than me and said I should massage his shoulders. I said ok. I rubbed his shoulders and when I was drunk enough he said his girl sucks his cock afterwards. I told him I wast't gay but he slapped me around a little and told me to suck his cock. I was suddenly afraid of him

He pulled my head down to his cock and said to suck him. I did. I sucked him to good that he said I sucked cock better than his girl and that from now on I would suck him whenever she wouldn't. I sucked his cock more times than I can remember and now I can't get enough cock to satisfy me. I will suck anybody, anytime and will swallow every drop of cum I can get.