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I have a twin sister and when we were 10 we started playing with each others pussies. It felt good to have her fingers rubbing me and she loved what I did to her as well. Once a month one of us would send a weekend with our grand parents and the other would on the next weekend.

After I got home from my visit my sister was acting kind of funny and when bed time came around we went to our room like normal but she called our dog to come with us. I asked her why she wanted Curly in our room and she said "You will see." Once we got undressed she got a jar of jam out and put some between her legs and right on her pussy. Curly was on her in a flash licking the jam off her and she was wiggling like crazy. Soon she started to moan and push herself back at our dog's tongue before she went still with her eyes rolled back.

Curly backed off and started licking his hard cock. I didn't know what in the hell was going on but sister handed me the jar and said try it, you will love it. I put some jam on myself like my sister did and Curly started licking me like he did my sister. I found I couldn't hold still and what I was feeling was incredible and felt something building inside me when Curly stopped licking me.

My sister said "Get on your hands and knees and wiggle your butt at Curly just to see what he will do." I did as I was told thinking he would lick me again but he jumped on my back with his hard thing banging against my legs and my bum. I tried to get him off me when his thing found my pussy and went in. I let out a scream and Curly started pumping his thing deeper and deeper in me. Dad yelled for us to stop playing and to get to bed. My sister sat there with her hands over her mouth and a shocked look on her face as Curly was as deep as he could go in me and me crying my eyes out.

After a short time the pain started to go away and it started to feel kind of nice when Curly stopped moving and what felt like a bowling ball was growing inside me. I tried to move away but that hurt worst so I told my sister to get him out of me and that he was hurting me. As she got down I felt something very hot tickling my insides and it made me shutter as it hit my insides. My sister pulled on Curly and I told her to stop due to the pain.

After what felt like hours but was only a minute or two my whole body felt like ever nerve ending was going nuts and I couldn't breathe. Things went spinning in front my eyes as the feeling lasted. It hurt like hell when Curly pulled out of me and there was a gush of creamy kind of fluid with bits of blood mixed in coming out of me making a mess of my legs right down to my knees and on the floor.

Curly went back to licking his half soft thing as my sister got a face cloth to clean me up. The next morning I was still I little sore but my fingers now go all the way in without hitting anything so I guess Curly made me a woman.