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My dad drives long haul and is gone 2 to 3 weeks at a time leaving mom alone with me and my little sister who is only 5, I'm 14 by the way.

Mom sometimes drinks and this time I came home about 10 from being with friends mom was on the couch wearing only her nighty and so drunk she couldn't even talk. I checked on my sister finding her sound asleep. when I went back to mom I found she had passed out cold.

I sat down looking at her with her nighty pulled up showing her bare ass and as I moved closer I seen her bare pussy as well. I had never got more then a tit to touch from my girl friends so I touched mom's pussy lips then pushed 2 fingers inside her. She give a moan and pushed her pussy at my hand as if to get more of my fingers inside her.

By now I had a hard on inside my pants so I thought why the fuck not, so I dropped my pants and got between her legs pushing my cock inside her. I was only going to see how it felt to be inside a pussy but she felt so warm and wet I just had to keep pumping myself in her. Mom started moaning louder and it sounded like she was saying to do it harder. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could before I shot off inside her.

When I stopped I felt her pushing herself back at me getting me hard again and I fucked her for the second time. This time it took a long time before I came and at one point mom turned her head and was looking at me as I fucked her. She was coming herself I think anyway when I pumped my second load inside her.

The next morning I found mom sitting at the table holding her head and when she looked at me she said "You did a bad time last night. I could get pregnant from what you did and to your own mother, Just how could you do that?"

I said I was sorry and just couldn't help myself as a went out the door to school. I never even thought about her getting pregnant but she is only 34 so I guess she could get pregnant still.

We went on with our lives and a little over 3 weeks later mother told me she missed her period and more than likely was pregnant. A week later she showed me the home tester with the blue cross showing that she is pregnant and she said that dad would walk out on us when he found out.

Mom was raised believing that abortion is murder and she refused to get rid of the baby. Dad did pack his bags and walked out just as she said he would and I am now a father to my own sister. Oh by the way mom and me still make love without her being drunk but with condoms now.