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Her mother quickly says "shit she does what she wants, I don't care if she wants a man" and her daughter says "and I'm not going to tell anyone". Then I say laughingly "well you are hot as shit and you do have a nice little butt", she then sticks out her butt, and pulls down her shorts just past her ass saying "you like my butt". To which I replied "well I'd bet that I'll like the front better", she turns toward me pulling down the front of her shorts exposing her completely bald pussy, I looked over at her mother to see her smiling at me, and I dropped to my knees in front of this little girl pulling down her shorts to the floor, and started licked her pussy a couple times.

I told her to step out of her shorts, then walked her backward a few steps to the sofa, then sat her down, and spread her legs almost in one motion. I leaned down and started licking her hairless slit. I then heard her mother say "that's it, lick my daughter's pussy", I stood up undoing my pants saying "oh I'm going to do more then lick her pussy" and pushed my pants to the floor exposing my fat 7" cock. The little girl said "crap you're big" and her mother says "oh shit baby he's going to stretch your pussy" which her daughter replied "good".

She gasp when I pushed the head of my cock inside her, I started slow fucking her tight little pussy, then got faster, and faster until I was flat out fucking this little girl. Her mother was saying "yes fuck her, fuck my daughter's little cunt, cum in my daughter", as she was drilling her own pussy with her fingers, and all her daughter was doing was grunting as she took my cock. When I was fucking her little bald pussy hard she would try and squirm away from me but I had her by her hips so she was not going anywhere.

After that day I went back almost every day and she became my girlfriend, then when she was 14 I got her pregnant, she had our son. At the age of 16 I got her pregnant again and she had our daughter. I married her when she was 18 and I was 46, she was pregnant at our wedding at the courthouse which was our second daughter. When our second was born our first daughter was 2 and it was about a year later when I caught my wife licking our eldest daughter's pussy. She told me that our kids should learn about the pleasures and she also told me that she sucks our son's little dick too. That's when she talked me into rubbing my cock up and down my daughter's slit until I would cum all over her pussy, then my wife would lick it off her. I started fucking both my daughters when they were around 6 and now our family just takes care of each other's needs. Now my daughter's are reaching the age where they can get pregnant but both their brother and myself love to cum inside them.