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My husband was in Korea in the Army. My oldest had joined the Air Force and my youngest son was 17. I was pretty sure he would join the Army when he graduated. Whenever my husband is home we fuck like rabbits. He came home on leave a couple months ago and we fucked every night until he had to return. After he left I started drinking on the weekends. When I'm drunk I get pretty frisky, but he would be gone for another six months. What the fuck was I to do? I decided to buy a sex toy to satisfy myself. The one I got was called a "Rabbit." It not only massages my pussy, but for the first time I found the joy of having a little finger in my ass. My orgasms have never been stronger.

My youngest is often gone out with his girlfriend on Friday nights. I don't know what they do, and frankly I don't care as long as he comes home safe. One night last summer when hubby was still gone Kevin, my youngest went out for the night. I was on my second bottle of wine when Debbie, my next door neighbor came over. She had a fight with her hubby and just needed to talk and get drunk. BY about 10:00 we were smashed. We had cried together and ended up laughing at every little thing. We were on the couch together drinking when she confided that her husband has lost interest sexually. When I said it was too bad she leaned in and kissed me. My pussy was already on fire and I was hoping she would leave so I could go use my Rabbit. Interestingly I didn't pull away from her kiss. It was deep and sensual. Her tongue found mine and we kissed and embraced for the next five minutes. Then, somehow she had unbuttoned my blouse and had pushed my bra up over my tits and was playing with a nipple. "Just relax honey and enjoy it" she said. I guess I was drunker than she was so I put my head back and let her play with me. Then she was pulling my pants down and before I knew it she had buried her face between my legs. I moaned and came almost immediately. "Oh fuck" I kept saying as she kept licking.and within minutes she had me cumming again. "Now do me" she said as she took off her clothes. I was just horny enough to obey. We switched places and I was eating my first pussy. It was sweet and I tongue fucked her as far as I could. We were both into it and she was working on her second orgasm.

It was about 11:30 by now and I was between her legs and she was sitting on the couch. I was lost in the moment and didn't even notice the front door open. A moment later I heard, "Mom! What the fuck?" When I looked up Kevin was standing there looking at me. I stammered a bit but was too drunk to make a cohesive argument. As I tried to explain it Debbie quickly got dressed and left. I was still kneeling by the couch with my head in my hands crying when Kevin put his hand on my shoulder. I tried to explain. "When dad's gone I just get so lonely, and it just happened. It was the first time, I swear." Then he said "It's okay mom. I know what you do when he's gone. Here, let me help you." He pulled me up to the couch and sat next to me. He leaned in and kissed me. I responded. His hands were soon on my tits and I didn't resist anything he was doing. "Take my pants off" he said. I reached down and undid his jeans and he wiggled out of them. Then I grabbed his underpants and pulled them down. I swear that what popped out was the biggest cock I'd ever seen. "Holy fuck" I said as he dropped his shorts as well. He was about half hard and had one hand wrapped around it. "You know" he said, "Jenny won't suck me and I really need it."

I only sucked my husband about two times a year but was wanting this monster more than ever. I discarded the fact that he was my son and I leaned down. I put the head in my mouth and proceeded to suck him hard. He was about eight inches long and thick. We never got him circumcised and it was a wild feeling pushing his foreskin back and forth as I sucked him. "Oh, fuck mom you suck good cock." When he called me mom I came to my senses. I pulled my mouth off of his cock and told him this was totally wrong. Then he said he didn't care and pushed me onto the carpet. He straddled my chest, pinning my arms to my sides. He pushed his cock back up to my mouth and told me finish what I started. I started to protest but was pinned down and couldn't fight back so I opened my mouth and he put his cock in.

It didn't take but a few minutes and he said he was gonna cum. I started to pull away but he had my head in his hands and when he started cumming his entire load ended up in my mouth. I never have swallowed before but didn't have much choice. I found that I loved it. The taste, the texture, the smell were all turning me on. I took it all and when he released my head I kept sucking. "What are you doing?" he asked me. "I need you inside me" I said as best as I could. I sucked him until he was hard again. It took about five minutes. Then I told him to fuck me. He got off of me and I turned over and got up on all fours, pointing my backside at him. He didn't hesitate and plunged his cock into my pussy. "Wow mom, your cunt is fucking awesome." This was the first time I heard him swear but it turned me on all the more. He pounded me for the next 10 minutes and I had an idea. "Now fuck me in the ass." He must have assumed I was used to it as I told him to do it. He pulled out of my pussy and plunged his slippery cock into my asshole. It hurt like a bitch but as he slowly fucked me it got better. He was stretching y asshole out like I never could.

He fucked me for about 20 minutes and I was exhausted. I told him to pull out and he did. I wiped his cock off with my blouse and told him to mouth fuck me again. I laid down with my head under his cock and he put his cock back in my mouth. After a few minutes he said he was gonna cum. I pulled his cock out and shot his jizz all over my tits. Even for a second load he had a good amount. Then I stuck his cock back in my mouth and sucked the remainder out of him and off of his cock. All the while I was rubbing his jizz into my tits.

When I woke up the next morning I was in my own bed naked. Not sure how I got there but I did remember him fucking me in so many ways. He was gone for the day and when he got home we had a long talk about what had happened. He said he had been fucking his girlfriend for a number of months now so it was nothing new. I told him that while I enjoyed it it was wrong and could never happen again. He agreed.

He went out again that night and when he got home I was pretty tipsy. He came over to the couch and stood in front of me. I didn't want to do it but my body told me otherwise. I reached forward and undid his pants...