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I'm 46 and left my husband 8 years ago never having any children. In 2016 I moved into a 2nd floor apartment where brothers Marv and Sol live on the first floor and are my landlords. Marv is 73 and Sol is 76 and by my own strange sex desires have allowed them to take full advantage of me. I believe they think they are the ones who manipulated me but I am responsible for letting it happen and continue to have them sexually satisfy me. It all started with Sol in March of 2016, they are two very nice Jewish men but Sol began asking me very personal questions about my body and then my sex life. For 46 I have kept myself in good shape and have a very good job. I could see how it excited these two old guys were and began making up stories that were far from the truth finding it aroused me just talking to them. They often invited me for coffee and dinner which was mostly take out. Sol always started with the personal questions but Marv was soon to join in. I began telling them untrue sex stories but at the time the only sex I had was masturbation. I got so bold with them I explained how I masturbated and would tell them many sexual experiences I have never had such as rape and sex with another woman. I'm not sure what I expected at the time but showed up in there apartment one night wearing only a thin night gown and no underwear for one of our regular coffee meetings. That's the night I mentioned my doctor retired and I still needed regular physical exams. When I said that, Marv spoke up first and said he was a retired doctors assistant which I knew by then he was a retired furniture salesman. I'm still not sure what I intended to happen but for some reason asked Marv if he would be willing to examine me which he immediately agreed to. Sol sat there dumbfounded as Marv bluntly asked how I wanted to be examined. I somehow told him I just needed breast and pelvic exams as long as he didn't charge me for doing it saying I can't afford doctor bills, which was another lie. Two nights later is when this dumb blond act took over.

Marv came to my apartment that night and I only had my robe on where I laid back in my recliner and let Marv pretend he was a doctor. I couched him through the entire exam having him check my breasts first and ending with him penetrating me with his fingers which had me aroused from the beginning. The first two months he came alone but the third month he brought Sol with him and I never objected. I got so excited just by these two old men seeing me naked that first time I began feeling like I was going crazy. I am well respected at work and can't believe what I have become at home. I submit to them as 10 or 12 times a month letting them explore my body and for more than a year and a half they masturbate me using my dildos and vibrator. I lay naked in the recliner with my feet on the foot rest legs wide open exposed to them allowing them to penetrate me vaginally and anally. They even began shaving me over a year ago which was my suggestion. I jerk off Marv often but Sol is totally impotent although I can see how much he enjoys probing my body. I'm sure by now they think I am a total idiot but they have no idea of how aroused I get just having them touch me. I often orgasm many times as they use the sex toys on me. I haven't dated a man in more then two years and right now am satisfied just having these two men satisfy me the way they do. I should feel ashamed of this but its become obsessive to me and I feel no regret allowing it to continue. Sol is the oldest but also the most aggressive of the two. He is the one who instigated anal penetration which at first I didn't respond very well but soon began enjoying it. Marv is a lot more gentle and likes holding my breasts more than Sol does. They have always been nice to me but now more than ever thinking they control me. Every time they call to come to my apartment I always greet them naked at the door. It is me however who is the one who started this.