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My sister and me would hear mom and dad fucking and at times go down the hall opening their door just enough to watch them. My sister said after we watched them the one time "Can we do sometime like that. I don't mean in my cunny but mom likes dad to put his thing in her ass, do you think we could do that?" I said I didn't see why not.

Dads started working afternoons and mom sometimes gets bad headaches where she locks herself in her bedroom for hours and at times days. One of these times I said to Cathy that mom was down and out and dad that just left for work if she wanted to try that thing she said we could try it now. I pulled out one of dads condoms I had taken a few days before and she smiled saying lets go to your room.

We had played with each other before to where I got down and licked her between her legs a few times which she loved but she still wouldn't suck on my cock yet anyway. We stripped and I rubbed her pussy and started to push my little finger in her ass when she said I needed some lube. I went the bathroom getting some baby oil and put some on her ass and with her being on her hands and knees like mom would do some went down her pussy as well I worked my little finger in her ass and she seem to like it saying she felt naughty doing this but I saw shit on my finger and though I'm not putting my cock in there.

I put the condom on and started rubbing hard cock from the top on her ass to the top of her pussy making sure she had lots of oil on her. I asked if she was ready and she said yes so lined up and pushed forward hard going half way in her pussy. It was a good thing she had her face pushed into a pillow cause she give one hell of a scream and one more when I went the rest of the way in.

She turned her head saying you went in the wrong place and it hurts, please pull it out. I stayed all the way in her for a bit and when I started to pull out she said it don't hurt as much and you do have a condom on so give me a minute. I stayed still feeling her tight hot pussy around my cock before long I just had to start moving inside her and she said go slow Jeff cause it still hurts a bit.

I slowly fuck my little sister and I felt like my cock being released as the condom broke which I knew it would do with the baby oil. I guess it was 10 maybe even 15 minutes of slowly fucking my sister when she moaned saying most the pain was gone and to go faster.

She started fucking me back and she give a bunch of grunts and went still which made me cum as well. I pumped my load in her and she said that she felt wonderful.

I pulled out seeing spots of blood on my bare cock and some of my cum running out of her. As far as the condom went it was just a ring around the base of my cock. Cathy looked back and her eyes went huge was she realized had cum inside of her. Tears flew of her eyes as she said you made me pregnant how could you do that. I told her that she was to young to get pregnant and not to worry. She then told me she had started having her period 4 months ago and she could get pregnant, now I'm worried as well cause hell she's only 11 who would think a 11 year old could get pregnant.

Her next period did come on time and we still fuck but now I fuck her ass and not her pussy. God knows I didn't want to be a father at 13.