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Growing up I loved my mom's tits. They were big and hung down. She had big nipples. I knew this because she used to wear a nearly see-thru nightie most nights. Dad left us after he caught her fucking another guy some years back. She occasionally has a friend over for the night and if I'm quiet I can open her door a crack and watch them fuck. I especially love it when Mike comes over. He has a really big cock and talks dirty to her when she sucks him. With Mike she always has him cum in her mouth before he fucks her.

She has become a real slut and usually gets drunk on Friday nights. Sometimes she doesn't have anybody over and it's just me and her. I was 17 at the time and had a year to go to graduation. When she was really drunk she would talk about how much she needed a big cock. I usually let it slide but one night she was really drunk and sat on the couch next to me and asked if I knew any really big cocks she could call. I told her that I have a really big cock and she could have it. She laughed a little until I pulled my pants down and showed her. My cock grows to about eight inches and curves up a little. She was drunk enough I didn't think she would remember anything about that night so I said, "You like my cock?" When she nodded I said, "I really want to fuck your tits and have you suck me." I reached over and unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra over her tits. I have longed for those nipples for years and immediately started sucking on one of them. It got hard and stuck out about a half inch. At this point I don't think she remembered it was me and said, "Get that cock up here. I need it." Instead I took my pants completely off and laid on the couch and told her to come and get it.

She was good. She sucked my cock for the next 20 minutes better than I could have imagined. I didn't even warn her when I was about to cum and she didn't flinch as I filled her mouth. She swallowed every fucking drop and kept my cock in her mouth until I was clean. She was almost passed out but I discovered long ago that she could hold her liquor well. I finally pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her I was going to fuck her ass tonight. She said it sounded delicious. She immediately got on all fours on the rug and told me to make her scream. I bent down behind her and started to lick her asshole. when she said she war ready I changed the game. I told her she had to tongue fuck my asshole first. I laid down on my back and pulled my legs up to my chest. She turned around and started to lick my asshole. She was sticking her tongue as far as she could up my ass when I told her I was ready to fuck her. Instead of her turning back around she straddled me and plunged her ass down on my hard cock. This kind of surprised me but I wasn't about to argue.

She bounced up and down for about 15 minutes and I told her to get off. I said that my goal was to fuck her tits and that's what I was going to do. She got off of me and laid down on her back. I straddled her chest pinning her arms down to her sides. I put my cock between her tits and wrapped them around me. She was moaning with me as I relentlessly fucked her between the tits. When I was ready to cum she said she wanted it in her mouth. I leaned forward and she eagerly put her mouth around my cock and when I told her I was gonna cum in her mouth she shook her head yes.

She sucked me for another 10 minutes and I said I was gonna cum. I let it fly and filled her mouth with my jizz. She swallowed every drop and kept my cock in her mouth until I was sucked clean. I thought she was too drunk to remember but I woke up the next morning at 8 o'clock with her between my legs with her mouth on my cock. She sucked me until I filled her mouth again. I guess she did remember.