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My sister is two years older than me. She had filled out nicely by the time she was a high school senior. I used to film her taking a shower and marveled at how big her tits were. I especially liked to jack off watching her finger herself in the shower. This was on my phone of course. On Fridays she would go out with her friends and come back drunk. One weekend our parents were out of town and she came home super drunk. I offered to help her get ready for bed. I stripped her completely and helped her under the covers. I just stood there as she closed her eyes and within literally seconds she was passed out. I stood there for a couple more minutes to make sure she was out. I shook her and she merely moaned a little but didn't open her eyes.

I lifted the covers off of her and stared at her gorgeous tits. I reached out and put my hand on one of them. She didn't move. I got a little bolder and played with her nipple for a minute. My cock was rock hard already. I had never fucked a girl but had read all about it and even watched some videos. I rolled her onto her back with the intention of fucking her. Instead I thought I might be able to put my cock in her mouth. I took my pants off and stepped up to the bed. I pulled her head forward a little and put my cock against her lips. I pushed a little and she opened her mouth just enough for me to force my cock past her lips. I fucked her mouth for a minute or so and had a wild thought. I pulled out of her mouth and crawled on the bed. I straddled her and put my cock between her tits. I pulled her tits over my cock so it created a tunnel. I started to fuck her tits. She was totally out and didn't notice a thing.

I was getting closer and closer and when I knew I was about to cum I scooted forward a little and put my cock back in her mouth. I fucked her mouth a few more thrusts and started cumming. By reflex she started swallowing. I couldn't get all of my cock in her mouth but got enough so my cum couldn't escape. When I was spent I stayed right there until my cock started to get hard again. I finally pulled out of her mouth after about five minutes of resting it there until I was hard again.

I scooted down and spread her legs a bit. I could smell her sex and I lifted her legs up so her feet were flat on the bed. I scooted up and put my cock against her cunt. I slowly pushed in, watching her face all the time to make sure she was asleep. I fucked her for the next 15 minutes. Occasionally she would let out a moan, and one time she mumbled something that sounded like "Fuck dad, fuck me deeper." What the fuck? I thought. Is she fucking dad? Then I get even more excited to think my sister fucked our dad. I wondered how big his cock is and if he fucked her for a long time before filling her up. This was so fucking erotic that I was cumming before I could react. I didn't pull out right away but bent over and sucked on her tit for a couple of minutes before I crawled out of her and went back to my room.

I couldn't jack off again so I went to sleep. I got up early and went into the kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal. When I was just getting done with my cereal she came in. She acted as if she had no clue what happened last night. Mom and dad were still asleep and she was holding her head. She obviously had a headache. I sat there a minute longer than I needed to and she was drinking orange juice. I got up and put my bowl in the sink. I started to head for my bedroom when her hand reached out and grabbed my cock through my robe. She looked up at me and smiled. "You have a really nice cock and your cum tastes really good. I was so embarrassed I wanted to run but was frozen in place. "Don't worry stud, nobody will ever know. And by the way, I don't have to pretend to be drunk for you to fuck me. Next time just ask." The next time I did, and she said yes.