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I was on a trip and stopped at a rest stop to pee. When I came out I was looking at the map when I felt a hand on my ass. I turned around and there was a small thin black guy smiling at me. He said "I got a big rig if you want to party." I told him I wasn't gay but as soon as I got the words out his hand was on my cock. There were about a dozen cars and people at the outside tables. A couple of people were looking in our direction when he leaned forward and kissed me. I pushed him away but he said "Come with me and I'll give you the best blowjob you have ever had. I might even ruin you on women."

As I stood there I got intrigued. I had never been sucked by another man and wondered if he really sucked better than my wife. "Come on stud, let me drain you" he said. My cock twitched a little so I said "Okay." I could see a bunch of eyes on me as I crawled up into his truck. He told me to get in the sleeper and strip. By the time I was naked he was too. I looked at his cock and was astonished. For a little guy his cock was huge, and it wasn't even hard yet. I stared at it for a few seconds and he pushed me on my back. He straddled my and put his cock up to my lips. I was mesmerized and opened my mouth. He put his cock in and started to mouth fuck me. This isn't what I signed up for but I was getting into it. I couldn't get even half of him in my mouth and when he was hard he pulled his cock out of my mouth and scooted forward. He put his asshole on my mouth and told me to tongue fuck him. His asshole was clean and smelled like lilacs. "That's it bitch. Shove that tongue all the way up there. I did and he started to hump my tongue with his ass.

I tongued him for about 10 minutes and he turned around. He bend over my cock and I could tell it was already hard. He put his mouth on it and started to suck me. He was right about being the best blowjob I ever had. He didn't flinch when I started cumming. He swallowed it all and kept sucking. It took about 15 minutes and I was hard again. He kept sucking until I came a second time. By now he had a couple fingers in my ass and was finger fucking me. He was a master at it. There was no pain, only pleasure. I felt like I could get sucked all night.

After he swallowed my cum a second time and cleaned me off he told me to roll over. I rolled onto my stomach and he started to massage my ass. It was wonderful. Then he bent down and spread my ass cheeks. His tongue found my asshole and he started to tongue fuck me. I spread my legs a little to give him more access. After a couple of minutes he moved around and was on top of me with his cock at my asshole. He gently pushed in until he was laying flat against me. I felt full and as he started to fuck me I felt like a whore being fucked for the first time. "Oh fuck" I kept saying over and over. I felt him cumming and it oozed out of my ass and down onto my nuts. When he was spent he said to trade places. He wiped his cock off on my shirt and laid down. He said to suck his cock. I did. I couldn't get very much of his cock in my mouth but when he started to cum I was eager to take it. I swallowed every bit of it and kept sucking until I had drained him completely. He finally rolled off of me and we sat up. It was dark now. We had been in his cab for over three hours.

When I got home three days later I was horny. My wife was sucking my cock and when I said I was gonna cum she took her mouth off and grabbed a towel. This seemed like the lamest blowjob compared to that guy at the truck stop. Every night I thought about his cock in my mouth and him fucking me. After a few more weeks of her lame blowjobs I told her she either had to take it all the way, and let me fuck her in the ass or I was leaving. She told me that she couldn't do such a dirty thing and said I should leave.

We've been divorced for a year now and I'm still looking for the perfect cock. I haven't found it yet but man do I have a fucking good time trying.