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Last month by coincidence I was introduced to Maria who as it turns out I spent 4 years with in an orphanage in Peru from 1977 until 1981. I'm 52 now and Maria is 53 and we have become close friends once again. In 1977 I was sent to that place at 12 years old. The girls and boys were in 2 separate buildings and although the school itself was fine the memories of those years are still haunting me today along with Maria. There were well over 200 boys and girls there but very little interaction between the two. As Maria and I began to talk about our experiences most of the conversation was about Dr. Vesa and Dr. Ortiz and neither of us know if that was their names anymore, but close. We don't even know what kind of doctors they were, if they were doctors, but do remember how we were abused by them continually for the four years I spent there and the five years for Maria. Finally in 1981 the orphanage was shut down and In 1982 My grandmother got me to America and I now live in Pennsylvania. Maria and I along with I can't imagine how many other girls were subjected to humiliating examinations at least once a month and often every three weeks. We were spanked at times and in general had little privacy between these two men. There was never any kind of schedule for these exams, we would simply be told to report to Dr. Vesa that day usually in the evenings after dinner hour. Most of the time both of them were there and we were told to remove all our cloths and given a white wrap that covered us from under our arms to our knees with only one button at the top. Each time we were fully examined by the two on an examination table and the wrap taken away leaving us naked . Within the first two months my hymen was penetrated and at the time I didn't even understand what virginity was,. Each time these exams lasted up to a full hour and we were subjected to them even when we had our minstrel periods. Aside from the humiliation sometimes the exams were painful, especially the first year of them when they used speculums and began penetrating us annually. Even more humiliating when I think about it now is how they would intentionally bring us to orgasm. The phrase " let yourself go" was something they would say frequently and as embarrassing it was to be exposed naked in front of them I do remember the sensations of orgasm and often several times during the same exam. The more I developed the more intense the exams became as one of them fondled my breasts claiming examination the other would be examining my vagina causing my arousal. What I went through is identical to what Maria experienced and she was there almost a year longer. I wasn't spanked often over those years compared to many of the other girls but the spanking was also humiliating since our skirt was pulled up and panties removed. I never really spoke to many people about this and tried not to think about it. Maria and I talk about it fairly often now and it makes me angry now instead of the embarrassing part of discussing it. I have told my husband of some of what went on but have never told him how often they were able to have me orgasm during the exams . I still have not told him about that part of it and probably never will since it still makes me feel to much humiliation that they were able to do that to me and probably many other girls. I'm glad I am friends with Maria once again and talking to her about those years puts my mind more at ease. Even though its 40 years ago it is a traumatic time of my life that I wish not to think about.