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I had a couple of beers and wanted someone to fuck or at least suck my cock. I hooked up with this guy on line and he agreed to meet me at the motel I reserved. When he knocked on the door I was a little apprehensive but I answered the door in my bathrobe. When I opened the door he said "Are you the guy who want sot suck cock?" When I said I was he came into the motel room and locked the door. He said he was a total top and I must do everything he said or he was leaving. I agreed.

He had me strip him naked and when I pulled his underpants down his cock popped out. It was huge. I immediately wanted it. I knelt down and leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. I have always dreamed of a cock like this and now had my chance. I put my mouth on his cock and started to suck him. He moaned and swore, telling me that I sucked his cock better than his wife ever did. He said he could fuck me until he died. He was a lot bigger than me and weighted at least a hundred pounds more than me. I felt like a twink next to him but I kept sucking his cock until he filled me mouth with his cum. I swallowed every fucking drop and kept sucking until he was spent.

He complimented me by saying that was the best blowjob he ever had and if I ever wanted to suck his cock again he would let me. I have sucked him a number of times and have even gotten to the point when he was hard I let him fuck me and cum in my ass. What a fucking ride it's been.